When I first attended ISU, my prime objective was to search for suitable classes that I could excel in, and I was aware that several classes were required to be taken as goals. The class fields included: art, history, anthropology, economics, and dance, and so I made a random choice which was art. I have now been attending the class for several weeks, and it did not take long before I realized that I was absolutely fascinated by the exquisite beauty and depth that art offers us, and to that end, I read more about the different fields and both contemporary and historical artists. I search online for art museums, did some basic research, and then went to visit them. Since making a number of visits on weekends, I have become even more interested in art and the artists behind the work.

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After my art gallery trips, I went to the library and took out a number of large books to read more about famous artists such as Renoir and Picasso, and when I was at the art museums and saw a piece of art that interested me, later in the day I went to the web to read more about both the piece and the artist. I found this intriguing, especially as so many wonderful artists have had such colorful and interesting lives. I also registered with a number of leading art websites and art galleries, so that I can keep up to date, and find out about various upcoming events, exhibitions and lectures, which generally take place in art museums which provide a tremendous atmosphere full of people who have a great passion for art.

When you really take an in depth look at certain pieces of art, and see it in different lights and at various angles, it can literally change your perspective, and while you may still have a certain point of view, you may also start to see the message that the artist was trying to convey, or you may see more than one message and wonder which one they meant, or whether it was meant to be multidimensional. Prior to registering in my art class, I did not have any idea about these points, or the incredibly deep impact that poignant pieces can make to our lives and the way we think. In just this short period of time, this class has helped me discover myself.