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Art History

The Return of the Prodigal Son vs. Pastoral Landscape

In ‘the return of the prodigal son’, the painting depicts the son who has returned home in a wretched and deplorable state. The sad state is depicted by the dirty and torn clothes he is wearing, and the fact that he is also bare feet. It shows a person that...

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Surrealism In The History Of Art

Over the first half of the 20th century, the world witnessed two wars that profoundly influenced the life of the whole generation and brought much misery and pain. During the harsh times, the art also overcome through major transformations. Rapid changes on socio-political agenda drove artists of the time to...

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Stele of Chaywet

The Stele of Chaywet is an Egyptian work of art that was created between 2250 and 2000 B.C. It was carved in limestone and colored with pigment more than 4,000 years ago and is 22 x 27 x 5 3/4 in. (55.9 x 68.6 x 14.6 cm). Looking at a...

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Praxiteles and Lysippos

Both Praxiteles and Lysippos used very natural and human elements in their sculptures. While both sculptures surely calculated the dimensions and designs of their masterpieces on purpose, both men are well known for the immense detail that can be seen in their pieces. In a 2009 article by Jack et...

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Topic 2 – Realism

Realism according to the 19th century was related to the French since it started in France. It emerged when Napoleon was in power caused by the defeat of Louis. However, the main emergence of realism was caused by the desire to communicate the honest and trustworthy about present-day life. In...

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Augustus in the Arts: Speech Paper Sample

My fellow Romans, I am here today to inform you how history has taught us much and we have seen leaders come and go. Most of us have read about our past leaders’ history and what they did to make our lives better and at times miserable. Some reigns have...

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World Wars – The Impact of Visual Arts

The impact in the visual arts after both World War I and World War II are distinctive from each other. The era before World War I was the time when the Victorian Age had just ended in England and although Modernism was just beginning World War I was the catalyst...

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Dickens and Ruskin on the Pre-Raphaelites

Charles Dickens takes the opportunity to use his majestic pen to criticize the Pre-Raphaelites for a failure to use their God-given talents for the purpose of exaltation of their subject and preferring, instead, to treat painting as a craft rather than art. When the noted novelist refers to the Raphaelites...

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Ancient to Modern Costume Design

It is possible to achieve design uniqueness and meaningfulness by delving far back into the history of mankind. What are our cultural roots and how are they expressed? When the answers to these questions inform our present efforts, extraordinary designs can be created. Symbols from nature are found on ancient...

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Greece and Hellenistic Culture

Art can be interpreted in a plethora of ways depending on how the viewer sees the piece. For example, when viewing the Mona Lisa, created by the great artist Leonardo da Vinci, one viewer may see her smiling while the other may see her facial expression as sad or forlorn....

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Wealth Reflected in New Kingdom Egypt Art and Architecture

After Egypt acquired an additional empire during the New Kingdom period, the wealth that stemmed from this acquisition was reflected in their art in many ways. Specific evidence of this new wealth can be seen in two pieces of art from the Eighteenth Dynasty: A detail from the Golden Shrine,...

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Effect of Geography and Climate on Ancient Egyptian Art

Although the culture of every civilization is determined by its geographical location, this is especially true for the example of Ancient Egypt, where the extreme geographical circumstances, such as the desert and the Nile River, were some of the most important factors influencing art. The Nile River made a very...

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Women in Ancient Culture as Seen Through Literature

Throughout history, women have been viewed as chattel, owned by and subservient to men. This view of women is a common one throughout ancient world literature, though the stereotype does not always go unchallenged. Andromache and Medea both somehow struggle against their role of the feminine as defined by the...

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Egypt and Mesopotamia Art: Assyrian period

Similar theme serving Gods. In Egypt, the political structure stressed the importance of monument building and much of the civilization was based on the Nile and surrounding deserts. Egyptian theme was the building of monuments and the afterlife. There was a larger and more powerful government in Egypt ruled by...

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“The Science of Sleep” Movie

In the following essay, I would like to closely analyze several of Stephane’s dreams. Stephane is the protagonist in the movie “The Science of Sleep”. This is a romantic comedy about a man who has vivid and eccentric dreams every night. When he falls in love with a woman named...

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Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans and Bob Marley’s Get Up Stand Up

It is not universally accepted that knowledge is present in works of art. This is because when one thinks about knowledge, one often does so regarding scientific knowledge. This perception creates an environment where artists feel an increasing amount of pressure to compete with sciences and provide proof that art...

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The Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Catholic Church

Without a doubt, both Catholicism and the culture of the Renaissance inherited numerous aspects in common that originate from the medieval times. In fact, the philosophical foundation was later on transposed onto the political and educational dimensions. With the change of attitudes among the Catholic Church, people who lived at...

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Renaissance Poetry

The nature of Renaissance poetry, certainly as seen in the sonnets of Shakespeare, is both complex and rich in meaning. The poet uses elegant language, strict iambic pentameter structure, metaphors, and other devices to “paint a picture,” and one usually expressing a deeply personal concern. The devices then add to...

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The Renaissance and Reformation

The Renaissance, which began in the 1300s in Italy and spread throughout Europe by the 1600s, was a cultural, political and religious turning point in world history. The movement began in the city of Florence, Italy, which was influenced by Greek philosophies of humanism (Bauer 33). Humanism is a type...

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The Harlem Renaissance and the Poetry of Langston Hughes

The cultural moment of the Harlem Renaissance during the 1920s was an especially significant time in American history for the literary, artistic, and musical expression of the Blacks who shaped its experience. While there were many influential creative people who shared in this important era, Langston Hughes is a writer...

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