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Art History

Augustus in the Arts: Speech Paper Sample

My fellow Romans, I am here today to inform you how history has taught us much and we have seen leaders come and go. Most of us have read about our past leaders’ history and what they did to make our lives better and at times miserable. Some reigns have...

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World Wars – The Impact of Visual Arts

The impact in the visual arts after both World War I and World War II are distinctive from each other. The era before World War I was the time when the Victorian Age had just ended in England and although Modernism was just beginning World War I was the catalyst...

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Dickens and Ruskin on the Pre-Raphaelites

Charles Dickens takes the opportunity to use his majestic pen to criticize the Pre-Raphaelites for a failure to use their God-given talents for the purpose of exaltation of their subject and preferring, instead, to treat painting as a craft rather than art. When the noted novelist refers to the Raphaelites...

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Ancient to Modern Costume Design

It is possible to achieve design uniqueness and meaningfulness by delving far back into the history of mankind. What are our cultural roots and how are they expressed? When the answers to these questions inform our present efforts, extraordinary designs can be created. Symbols from nature are found on ancient...

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Greece and Hellenistic Culture

Art can be interpreted in a plethora of ways depending on how the viewer sees the piece. For example, when viewing the Mona Lisa, created by the great artist Leonardo da Vinci, one viewer may see her smiling while the other may see her facial expression as sad or forlorn....

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