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Art History

Wealth Reflected in New Kingdom Egypt Art and Architecture

After Egypt acquired an additional empire during the New Kingdom period, the wealth that stemmed from this acquisition was reflected in their art in many ways. Specific evidence of this new wealth can be seen in two pieces of art from the Eighteenth Dynasty: A detail from the Golden Shrine,...

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Effect of Geography and Climate on Ancient Egyptian Art

Although the culture of every civilization is determined by its geographical location, this is especially true for the example of Ancient Egypt, where the extreme geographical circumstances, such as the desert and the Nile River, were some of the most important factors influencing art. The Nile River made a very...

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Women in Ancient Culture as Seen Through Literature

Throughout history, women have been viewed as chattel, owned by and subservient to men. This view of women is a common one throughout ancient world literature, though the stereotype does not always go unchallenged. Andromache and Medea both somehow struggle against their role of the feminine as defined by the...

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Egypt and Mesopotamia Art: Assyrian period

Similar theme serving Gods. In Egypt, the political structure stressed the importance of monument building and much of the civilization was based on the Nile and surrounding deserts. Egyptian theme was the building of monuments and the afterlife. There was a larger and more powerful government in Egypt ruled by...

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Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans and Bob Marley’s Get Up Stand Up

It is not universally accepted that knowledge is present in works of art. This is because when one thinks about knowledge, one often does so regarding scientific knowledge. This perception creates an environment where artists feel an increasing amount of pressure to compete with sciences and provide proof that art...

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