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Art Masterpieces

Analysis of John Steuart Curry’s Tragic Prelude

John Brown in the picture resembles Goliath in the Bible, a symbol of war. The painter depicted him this way because he was of the opinion that the only way to end slavery in Kansas was through armed insurrection. Goliath in the Bible was a philistine warrior whom the Israelites...

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

Leonardo’s painting is among the many Renaissance arts that have had much influence on science making it be a perfect example of arts that symbolizes Western Civilization. As everyone can tell, the painting reflects scientific understanding. Through the painting, one is capable of noticing Leonardo's creative geniuses that have assisted...

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“Young Sick Bacchus” and Money

A young man, allegedly Bacchus, looks out at the viewer. He is dressed in a toga, with vine leaves in his hair, usually a tell-tale mark of the god of wine. He has a bunch of white grapes in his hand which, upon closer inspection, appear to be less than...

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Susan Cohen Thompson Art

The piece of art entitled, “Edge Forest,” by Susan Cohen Thompson is a work of art that shows how human relationships and climate change are intertwined. The artwork shows three women, whose features are created by the elements of nature. For instance, the women’s hair is the green from trees...

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Art Periods: Impressionism & Expressionism

Expressionism and Impressionism were two art movements that helped either to define each other, or to influence each other. In such movements, sometimes the lines are blurred. The styles of each movement seem to too closely represent the other, or else the same artist has done work in either movement....

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