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Art Masterpieces

Who Makes Art

We oftentimes speak of art and the influence it has got upon the lives of people, the importance of art in our culture, but do we always understand what is meant by the word “Art” and what experience the artist possesses? Unfortunately, this subject is not very often addressed. This...

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The Characteristics of the Artistic Style of the Italian Renaissance

In so far as the Italian Renaissance, in its artistic garb, emerged as a distinctive approach to aesthetics, this revolution marks a certain reaction to its historical predecessor: namely, the art of the Middle Ages. Accordingly, to the extent that the Italian Renaissance represents a radical break with the past,...

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Modernist Art Elements

The use in modernist art of images, tableaus, and single scenes is the framework upon which the genre has developed. Modernist art, ranging in chronology from approximately 1860 to the mid-20th century, reflects the uninhibitedness of artists not seen previously. Experimentation became the norm, and with this experimentation came less...

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Entombment of Christ

The Phillbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma displays a variety of different pieces in a beautiful setting, showcasing paintings, sculptures and gardens among other peaceful places. The main museum is inside an old mansion, positioned in the middle of a perfectly manicured lawn and landscaped property. Consequently, this sets...

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Field Trip to SF MOMA

One of the projects that I saw at that exhibition was the iTunes 2.0 media player and iPod digital music player. Over the years, Apple has tried to research on some of the new ways of developing better products. Many people assume that by producing an iPod, the company would...

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