This video is about art of the Western World. Specifically, this video shows how artwork developed in the early Renaissance period in Italy. Many different types of art are discussed. These types of art include architecture, sculptures, and frescoes. The video also discusses very famous artists. These artists include Donatello, Brunelleschi, and others. The video also focuses on Brunelleschi’s contributions to architecture. These contributions include how he solved problems regarding building materials and structural stability. I thought that many parts of this video were interesting. One aspect that was interesting was about the merchant class and how they developed their own ideas through art. I also thought the discussion about the importance of reason and good governing was very interesting. This video discusses the impact of the Black Death on artists, and it also says that that Black Death was the worst disaster in Western history.

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I found that very interesting because I did not know that before. In the early Renaissance, many artists created all kinds of artwork and some of this artwork made a difference. For example, one of Brunelleschi’s buildings was one of the first orphanages in Europe to receive public funding. I have always found Italy very interesting, and this video makes Italy even more interesting. I always knew that Italy had a rich history and culture but I did not know how rich these were until I watched this video. I also did not realize how much Italy contributed to architecture. I knew that Italy produced many paintings during the Renaissance but I did not know how many types of architecture they contributed. What was the most interesting was that the city featured in the video only had 100,000 people in it, but this city was able to produce some of the most important artwork in the world.

The material in this video is important to understanding how ancient cultures developed. This video shows how different cultural and social aspects shaped artwork by merchants. It also illustrates how this artwork influenced other artists later on. This artwork presented new images of men and women and these images encouraged other artists to create similar portrayals. Artists created artwork based on religious themes and on nonreligious themes. This video also shows how artists combine ideas from Christianity and paganism. For example, artists would paint a naked Venus but also images of the Madonna. The artists demonstrated a “pagan humanism” and “pantheism,” and these are important traits to show today. This demonstration shows that these artists were open-minded. In addition, Italian artists also focused heavily on nudity, especially in their sculptures. All of these were all important developments because artists had fewer limitations.

Classic artists influenced these artists but they also wanted to create their own art separate from the classics. The material in this video also shows how artists developed a good opinion of themselves. These artists considered themselves as important as the people who looked at their art. The material in this video also shows how art in Italy influenced art in other countries, like France. This video also demonstrates the importance of art in the early Renaissance in Italy because many of the frescoes and buildings still remain today. Many people travel to Italy to look at the building and paintings that were featured in this video, and this shows that artwork from this period was very influential.