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Graded Discussion on Postmodernism

Postmodernism has become an era of remarkable discoveries and unprecedented freedom of self-expression and growth. Under the influence of postmodernism, art and science have acquired a new impetus for evolution, based on the rejection of the fundamental cultural norms. Yet, postmodernism does not mean anarchy. On the contrary, the blurring...

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Frank Gehry: A Giant of the Arts

Frank Gehry is considered a giant of the arts, specifically in architecture, because he achieves what other artists of such stature are able to achieve: a unique and innovative vision that transforms how the medium is perceived. Not only are his works wholly original, in that they look like no...

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Line and Space of Ivan Kozaric’s Artistic Work

I took time to visit one of the greatest museums in Berlin, which comprises of many artworks. However, one of the most outstanding pieces of artwork included Ivan Kozaric’s first solo exhibition, which showcases some of the most important and emblematic works of the artist where he uses creative approach...

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Renaissance in London to the Average Person

Life in Renaissance London for the average person, or commoner, was quite different from what one might expect. Although it might appear that the Renaissance would not affect the average citizen, in fact, the average citizen was greatly impacted by the Renaissance Age, the beginning of capitalism, advancements in technology,...

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Hinduism and Buddhism in South Asian Art

Both Hindu and Buddhist influences are evident throughout the entirety of society in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. The modern countries in these regions still maintain some of these beliefs, yet in the ancient period the influence was massive. Looking at ancient art and architecture in this region, it...

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Buddhist Art in Thailand and Myanmar

Buddhism originated with the travels and teaching of Siddhartha Gautama in the 5th Century B.C. At first it was contained to the Indian subcontinent, but it quickly spread through the entirety of Asia. Following the spread of Buddhism was the proliferation of Buddhist art. In Thailand and Burma, the tradition...

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Art of the Western World (Episode 5)

This video is about art of the Western World. Specifically, this video shows how artwork developed in the early Renaissance period in Italy. Many different types of art are discussed. These types of art include architecture, sculptures, and frescoes. The video also discusses very famous artists. These artists include Donatello,...

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The Production of Meaning

Scholars and critics, John Berger, Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault and Jacques Rancière all attempt to elucidate the relationship between art and audience. They proceed from very distinct starting points, through different paradigms, to arrive at the general conclusion that meaning is produced in the encounter between art and audience. But...

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Art of Mexico

The artwork analyzed is entitled Figurilla de murjer con nino. The author of the work is unknown, although it dates from nearly 1325/1521. The work is a sculpture 192 cm in height made with a mold. The form of the sculpture and a stylistic approach of the author make apparent...

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Artist Introduction: Joanne Lee

Joanne Lee is an artist who experiments with the connections between technology and art in order to explore the relationship many of us have with digital technologies on a daily basis. Lee identifies as an interaction designer, as stated on her website, which involves graphic design elements with functionality. For...

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Artist and Designer Knowledge and Skills

The knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful artist or designer are a blend of innate, technical, creative, social, and business skills. Although art is often subjective, there is a certain level of talent that must exist for any artist to be successful. For instance, a painter who is...

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Anish Kapoor: Favorite Artist

Anish Kapoor is my favorite artist for many reasons. One such reason is that he sculpts things out of unlikely materials and creates works of art that are complex yet deceivingly simple (or simple yet deceivingly complex). I think that he is outstanding for his ability to integrate architectural feats...

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Math Bass

Math Bass, the Los Angeles-based artist, was born in 1981, in New York. She began her career as a performance artist, but she has currently expanded her practice to include sculpture, video, and painting (Cwynar n.p). She has made several global solo exhibitions, which include “Off the Clock,” MoMA PS1...

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Art Analysis

A blank canvas holds endless possibilities as one begins to study art and recognize how very different the artist can tell their story by the use of specific techniques. Artist are given the ability to leave us with a formal feeling as we glance at a picture of a young...

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The Rise and Fall of the Harlem Renaissance

Trends come and go as cultures evolve and art continues to capture the heart of every shift in society. Very few of the cultural movements in America were categorized by the shifting and emerging of an entire people group similar to the Israelites coming out of Egypt and establishing themselves...

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American Art Project

Statement of Purpose The purpose of this paper is to take an in-depth look some of the works of art in the capital. This includes examining and honoring the collective past, and portraying a deeper significance to the visual records. The information used in this paper is referenced from the...

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Modernist Art

Introduction It is arguable that, since the beginnings of the Renaissance in the early 15th century, the world of Western art was long defined by efforts to capture – and glorify – reality. As cultures became introduced again to the classic work of ancient Greece and Rome, techniques were developed...

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Cruzvillegas VS Murray: An Analysis of Style

Though both artists Abraham Cruzvillegas and Elizabeth Murray can be roughly categorized as effectively working in the post-Minimal era, neither artist can easily be included within a singular artistic movement of the 21st century. In this way, their differences reflect their similarities, and their similarities are limited mostly to each...

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Alexis Peskine: Transcending Race, Religion, and Identity

Visual art is one of the most suitable means to perform a search for identity and explore the dynamics of heritage. The work He died for US? (fig. 1) uses colors interplay as well as an engaging composition and a peculiar texture to convey the complexity of racial identity in...

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Crozier Head in the Form of Saint Michael Trampling the Serpent

This work of art hails from the early Christian culture in the thirteenth century (Marzio 61). The artist who made it is not known due to the cultural circumstances surrounding the art. The art is a monument was to be carried by a Catholic religious leader: It was usually buried...

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