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Political Theater: Henry IV, Part III

Theatre has long had the power to celebrate national heroes and thus William Shakespeare’s Henry IV two-parter is most definitely an example of political theater, but depending on the perspective that an individual production takes, the theater of politics also holds the power to propagandize the exact same hero into...

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Art and Forgery

If a forged art work gives the viewer the same aesthetic experience as the original work, why does Dennis Dutton claim that we nevertheless have good reason to insist that the forgery does not have the same artistic value as the original? Explain his argument. In order to answer the...

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Cry Freedom Court Scene Essay

After making a speech in a stadium, which breaks his banning order, Biko was arrested and appeared in court. In the courtroom, his look and decorum were like anyone else appearing in court; which was something unexpected since he is black. Judge Regter and the State Prosecutor were in charge...

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Art and PTSD

In Melissa Walker’s TED Talk on art therapy for soldiers with PTSD, I found it very informative and also compassionate. Melissa Walker is an art therapist according to the description, which captured my attention before the video even started playing. I did not consider art and art making to be...

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Oceania Art and African Art

African art can be defined as primitive art. The art was more into religion and not based on aesthetic value. Africans focused on producing art that focused on showing figures that were of importance to the people. For example, the gods, kings, powerful leaders and holy places which were considered...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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