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Art, Expression, and the Great War

Following World War I, the world saw a number of drastic changes that had long lasting influences for years to come. Many monumental events occurred, such as the “Great Migration,” and women finally earning the right to vote. While certainly a time of great growth throughout the 1920s, undoubtedly, the...

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High Art versus Low Culture

It’s hard to see at that the story in “Exit through the Gift Shop” will take us down a very interesting and even hilarious path by the end. It starts with a shop owner named Thierry who lives in Los Angeles and is a French immigrant. He is married and...

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The Art of the Mende People in Sierra Leonne

The Mende people are a community that speaks the Mande language, and they inhabit in Sierra Leone and parts of the neighboring Liberia. Like any other community, the Mende people have their distinctive cultural art that defines them with the masking techniques and wooden masks being the most common and...

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Arts of the African Equatorial Forest

This paper will describe the funeral figures of three specific peoples: Cameroon Grasslands, the Fang and Kota. One of the most striking of funerary figures uses by the people of the Cameroon Grasslands is the Nkock: a mask representing the secret society Kwifon, which usually appears at death ceremonies. One...

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Art and Spirituality

Art and spirituality are neither mutually exclusive nor mutually co-existent. Art can exist outside of an artist’s spirituality and/or outside of a viewer/experiencer’s spirituality. Art can simply be a creation born of sensation, creativity, a desire to replicate a feeling or a sight or sound, or even an homage to...

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