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Art Classes: My Personal Experience

When I first attended ISU, my prime objective was to search for suitable classes that I could excel in, and I was aware that several classes were required to be taken as goals. The class fields included: art, history, anthropology, economics, and dance, and so I made a random choice...

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Staniszewski’s Interpretation of Art: Institutions Give Art Meaning

The views of Staniszewski are revolutionary when it comes to her three primary questions: What is art, what is not art, and how things come to have meaning and value. Her perceptions of art are philosophical-sociological and differ greatly from traditional art theories, usually suggesting that art has intrinsic value,...

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Street art

“Detournement is a game made possible by the capacity of devaluation.” So goes one of the defining texts of the Situationist Internationale movement of the 1960s. Detournement is the artistic act of taking an existing piece of art and changing its intended meaning by devaluing that meaning through irony. Detournement...

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Morals in art

Without a doubt, moral choices are often transposed through the dimension of art. Indeed, it does not come as the main theme of arts. However, its impact could often be read between the lines. Recently, I have watched a movie “Ida”, which won an Academy Award as Best Foreign Language...

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Arts, Life and Culture in Boston

Entering the Culture and Life exhibit at the convention was like walking into the middle of a live a taping of an infotainment program….or any segment of “Good Morning, America.” Entrepreneurs to the right of us, artists to the left us, city officials buzzing all around like mosquitoes looking to...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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