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A Failure in Cross Cultural Interpersonal Communication

Hildegard Peplau viewed the nurse/patient relationship as an evolutionary process that is only realized as the person develop through the processes of interpersonal exposure, education, and the course of therapy. Nurses enter into a personal relationship with the patient when they see the need to do so. The nurse must...

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Baudelaire and Modern Art

In The Painter of Modern Life, Charles Baudelaire writes an artist must completely surround him or herself with all that is the modern world in order to ascend to the highest level. He states, “The pleasure which we derive from the representation of the present is due not only to...

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Rhetorical Analysis: Unhappy Meals by Michael Polan

Michael Polan explains the misconceptions of what constitutes a dietary meal. He carries out an education of individuals regarding their health and the factors that make the problem recurrent. He gives a discussion of replacement of foods by nutrients. In his explanation, the significance seems to be solely on consumers....

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Should Cell Phones Be Banned in College Classrooms?

This paper explores the essay written by Moira Farr called “A Cell of Our Own Making.” In particular, Farr states that cell phones have become too important in people’s lives. She brings up an example of her teaching experience, when a student was irritated when asked to turn off her...

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Literature Argument: Mary Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson’s autobiographical work is meant to be a true telling of a period in her life that proved to be very difficult. The central question facing this book as one considers it is whether one should think of it as valid. It is written as a true story, and...

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Fukuyama Analysis

According to Fukuyama it is difficult to implement effective bureaucracies in the United State as opposed to Great Britain or France because of “tribalism” and “clientelism.” This means the United States government is essentially controlled by individuals that are involved in big business. Fukuyama feels the lobbyists that are paid...

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The Meaning or the Fight

David Blight argues in his essay The Meaning or The Fight: Frederick Douglass and The Memory of The Fifty Fourth Massachusetts that the effort to rally support during the Civil War took its toll on Frederick Douglass over the course of time. He argues that Douglas was correct in noting...

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Between The World And Me Essay

The article talks about a letter written by a father to his son in which the author revealed his disappointment over the empathy that people with privileges in United States of America tries to show towards debilitate when in reality they are omnipotent and can actually change the fate of...

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Reflections upon ‘Happy Planet’

In their provocative article ‘Happy Planet’, Robert Adler and Fred Pearce discuss the overall situation with respect to global natural resources, the causes of climate change, the effects of carbon dioxide emissions—including global warming—and the notion of sustainable living. Their central thesis seems to be that, not only is it...

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Job Market Leaves Fed in Limbo

In a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Job Market Leaves Fed in Limbo” the author Harriet Tory explained some ambiguous facts. She said in the article that the U.S. Labor Market added 150,000 jobs. On the other hand, the unemployment rate was still extremely low. The rest of the...

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Critical Analysis: The Variety of Critical Theory

If one thing emerges immediately from reading “The Variety of Critical Theory,” it is that postmodernism, in its application to criminological theory, certainly may have attempted to clarify criminological ideas but it did so in a dense and sometimes seemingly (unnecessarily?) complicated fashion. Trying to navigate the definitions of postmodernism,...

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Reading Analysis

Part 1: Academic Article Das, M., de Valk, H., & Merz, E.-M. (2016) ‘Mothers' Mobility after Separation: Do Grandmothers Matter?’ Population Space Place, doi: 10.1002/psp.2010. What Population Geography ‘concepts’ does the article address? The study aimed to get a better understanding of the movement patterns of women that were recently...

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SJ Article Review

Lack of Sales and Marketing alignment is a major challenge when it comes to considering producing an acceptable quantity of high quality sales leads. Most of the time, B2B marketers often tend to define the true meaning of “qualified lead” as their sales counterparts would, and as such usually remains...

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Week Three: Literature Evaluation

The course of the literature review involved two databases: Ebsco Host and Pub Med. These two were selected due to the ability to filter the search criteria and the availability of multiple peer reviewed journal articles. The search criteria for both databases was limited to the English language, published within...

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Dozois Article Review

The article written by Dozois, Seeds, and Collins (2009) focused on transdiagnostic approaches to preventing both depression and anxiety. Specifically, these researchers asserted that most treatment options that are used within clinical and counseling psychology have been developed with populations in which there was depression present or anxiety present, and...

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Literature Review Article

Archer, Louise, DeWitt, Jennifer, Dillon, Justin, Osborne, Jonathan, Willis, Beatrice and Wong,Billy. ‘Not girly, not sexy, not glamorous’: primary school girls’ and parents’ constructions of science aspirations. Department of Education and Professional Studies, King’s College London, London, UK; b School of Education, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California USA Archer,

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Really Really by Paul Downs Colaizzo: An Analysis

Really Really, written by Paul Downs Colaizzo is inspired in the 2006 Crystal Gail Magnum vs. Duke University alleged rape accusation; an accusation of rape made against three members of the university’s rugby team. Nevertheless, the dramaturg chose not to use specifics, eliciting a sense of identification based on the...

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Thompson’s “Staring” and “Looking” Distinction and “Ring of Fire” E.T. Russian

In the journal article “Ways of Staring”, Thompson attempts to understand staring as a particular type of visual and relational function between human beings, which attempts to make sense of something in our field of vision. When we merely look at something, this can be purely unconscious, or without interest,...

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Rhetorical Analysis of David Grossman’s ‘Writing in the Dark’

David Grossman says more than once in this short piece that it is difficult to write about oneself. Indeed, there is so little substantive content to this piece of writing that this must be considered his central message. Yet Grossman does not seem to have much trouble writing about himself....

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The Detectives who Never Forget a Face

In the article, “The Detectives who Never Forget a Face,” Patrick Keefe presents the case of facial recognition as being on a spectrum rather than the previous assumption that few people in the world could not recognize faces while the majority others had a similar ability to do so. Based...

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