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Article Analysis

Robert Sapolsky, Testosterone Rules

Robert Sapolsky's 1997 article, “Testosterone Rules,” is an examination of the actual relationship between the hormone and aggression, and with an emphasis on aggression in males. The author's primary point, established early on, is that there is no directly causal agent in testosterone; while it is commonly believed that higher...

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Successful Aging Among Assisted Living Community Older Adults

The article being evaluated in this critique is “Successful Aging Among Assisted Living Community Older Adults” from the 2013 issue of the Journal of Nursing Scholarship by M. Kozar-Westman, M. Troutman-Jourdan, and M.A. Nies. The title appears sufficient to communicate to the reader key variables (successful aging, assisted living community)...

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Economy 2.0: A User’s Guide

Rana Foroohar (2013) provides the introduction for a collection of articles entitled Economy 2.0: A User’s Guide. In the introduction to this collection she describes the major issues facing the American economy, beginning with the financial crisis of 2008 and covering stocks, investments, real estate, and everything in between. Blake...

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Summary of Article

Marketing is considered as a means of delivering value to all the customers. It is mainly tasked with the role of satisfying their needs and further in the achievement of long-term profitability for any industry. Particularly, this article aims at analyzing the marketing strategies that alcohol industry employ in Latin...

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Chronobiology Article Analysis

An interesting article about arthritis focused on the chronobiology of the disease. The article is entitled “Chronobiology and the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.” The author is Maurizio Cutolo. It was published in Current Opinion in Rheumatology in 2012. This paper will examine and analyze this article. This includes the generalizability...

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International Equity

In comparison to what I have studied in this particular topic, I have learned that the international equity market is volatile. This is similar in both the article and what I have learned during the week. As such, I have realized the importance of making significant decisions by studying the...

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Hothouse Plants: Are We Overprotecting the Next Generation?

Every generation of parents wants the best for their children, but the idea of what is the best keeps changing. One hundred years ago, children left home at the age of fifteen to work in shops or on farms. Fifty years ago, children rode in automobiles with no car safety...

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Groups Newtowrk of Movements

The review paper critically analyses the article by Brian A. Jackson “Groups, Networks, or Movements: A Command-and-Control-Driven Approach to Classifying Terrorist Organizations and Its Application to Al Qaeda” in terms of identifying terrorist groups, networks and movements. It is a rather challenging task to define the features and the boundaries...

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New Biker

This article evaluation will focus on W. E. Thompson’s (2008) “Pseudo-deviance and the ‘New Biker’ Subculture: Hogs, Blogs, Leathers, and Lattes.” The purpose of the study is to explore the ‘new biker’ culture through a lens of pseudo-deviance; additionally Thompson intends to compare and contrast the ‘new biker’ to research...

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The Great Affluence Fallacy Reflection

David Brooks' article, "The Great Affluence Fallacy" discusses the trends towards individualism and isolationism that has characterized life in the 21st century US. He illustrates his arguments by talking about the way that the customs and lifestyle of Native Americans was so favored by colonists that Europeans were loathe and...

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Why Service Stinks

The article “Why Service Stinks” by Diane Brady presents an age-old conflict theory approach to customer service whereas the elite are serviced while the lesser advantaged customers are cast to the side in an effort to make room for a more efficient and customer service experience for the wealthiest customers....

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The Right to Fail

In his article “The Right to Fail”, William K. Zinsser argues failure is still widely discouraged in America and is perceived as something to be ashamed about. Zinsser argues failure is often the best teacher and while failure is not desirable, it is inevitable if one wants to realize his/her...

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Kelman: Too Many Contractors?

Following a review of the article by Kelman entitled “Too Many Contractors?” an opinion will be provided regarding my perspective of the issue being discussed, specifically whether or not there are currently too many IT contractors within government offices and whether or not it will be possible for the federal...

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Management Article Summary

Eric Jackson of Forbes wrote an article entitled, “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Marissa?” In that article, he discusses some of the work of Marissa Mayer, the relatively new CEO of Yahoo!. Marissa Mayer made waves when she made the jump from Google to Yahoo!. When she made...

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Critique Essay on Edwin Koc’s “The Myth of the Millennials”

In his article “The Myth of the Millennials” published in 2008, author Edwin Koc argues that the current emphasis on the characteristics of the Millennial generation may be out of place, since there is no concluding data on the truth value of the Millennial generation narrative. For this reason, the...

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A Failure in Cross Cultural Interpersonal Communication

Hildegard Peplau viewed the nurse/patient relationship as an evolutionary process that is only realized as the person develop through the processes of interpersonal exposure, education, and the course of therapy. Nurses enter into a personal relationship with the patient when they see the need to do so. The nurse must...

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Baudelaire and Modern Art

In The Painter of Modern Life, Charles Baudelaire writes an artist must completely surround him or herself with all that is the modern world in order to ascend to the highest level. He states, “The pleasure which we derive from the representation of the present is due not only to...

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Rhetorical Analysis: Unhappy Meals by Michael Polan

Michael Polan explains the misconceptions of what constitutes a dietary meal. He carries out an education of individuals regarding their health and the factors that make the problem recurrent. He gives a discussion of replacement of foods by nutrients. In his explanation, the significance seems to be solely on consumers....

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Should Cell Phones Be Banned in College Classrooms?

This paper explores the essay written by Moira Farr called “A Cell of Our Own Making.” In particular, Farr states that cell phones have become too important in people’s lives. She brings up an example of her teaching experience, when a student was irritated when asked to turn off her...

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Literature Argument: Mary Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson’s autobiographical work is meant to be a true telling of a period in her life that proved to be very difficult. The central question facing this book as one considers it is whether one should think of it as valid. It is written as a true story, and...

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