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Article Analysis

International Equity

In comparison to what I have studied in this particular topic, I have learned that the international equity market is volatile. This is similar in both the article and what I have learned during the week. As such, I have realized the importance of making significant decisions by studying the...

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Hothouse Plants: Are We Overprotecting the Next Generation?

Every generation of parents wants the best for their children, but the idea of what is the best keeps changing. One hundred years ago, children left home at the age of fifteen to work in shops or on farms. Fifty years ago, children rode in automobiles with no car safety...

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Groups Newtowrk of Movements

The review paper critically analyses the article by Brian A. Jackson “Groups, Networks, or Movements: A Command-and-Control-Driven Approach to Classifying Terrorist Organizations and Its Application to Al Qaeda” in terms of identifying terrorist groups, networks and movements. It is a rather challenging task to define the features and the boundaries...

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New Biker

This article evaluation will focus on W. E. Thompson’s (2008) “Pseudo-deviance and the ‘New Biker’ Subculture: Hogs, Blogs, Leathers, and Lattes.” The purpose of the study is to explore the ‘new biker’ culture through a lens of pseudo-deviance; additionally Thompson intends to compare and contrast the ‘new biker’ to research...

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The Great Affluence Fallacy Reflection

David Brooks' article, "The Great Affluence Fallacy" discusses the trends towards individualism and isolationism that has characterized life in the 21st century US. He illustrates his arguments by talking about the way that the customs and lifestyle of Native Americans was so favored by colonists that Europeans were loathe and...

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