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Article Analysis

A Failure in Cross Cultural Interpersonal Communication

Hildegard Peplau viewed the nurse/patient relationship as an evolutionary process that is only realized as the person develop through the processes of interpersonal exposure, education, and the course of therapy. Nurses enter into a personal relationship with the patient when they see the need to do so. The nurse must...

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Baudelaire and Modern Art

In The Painter of Modern Life, Charles Baudelaire writes an artist must completely surround him or herself with all that is the modern world in order to ascend to the highest level. He states, “The pleasure which we derive from the representation of the present is due not only to...

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Rhetorical Analysis: Unhappy Meals by Michael Polan

Michael Polan explains the misconceptions of what constitutes a dietary meal. He carries out an education of individuals regarding their health and the factors that make the problem recurrent. He gives a discussion of replacement of foods by nutrients. In his explanation, the significance seems to be solely on consumers....

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Should Cell Phones Be Banned in College Classrooms?

This paper explores the essay written by Moira Farr called “A Cell of Our Own Making.” In particular, Farr states that cell phones have become too important in people’s lives. She brings up an example of her teaching experience, when a student was irritated when asked to turn off her...

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Literature Argument: Mary Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson’s autobiographical work is meant to be a true telling of a period in her life that proved to be very difficult. The central question facing this book as one considers it is whether one should think of it as valid. It is written as a true story, and...

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