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Article Analysis

Fukuyama Analysis

According to Fukuyama it is difficult to implement effective bureaucracies in the United State as opposed to Great Britain or France because of “tribalism” and “clientelism.” This means the United States government is essentially controlled by individuals that are involved in big business. Fukuyama feels the lobbyists that are paid...

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The Meaning or the Fight

David Blight argues in his essay The Meaning or The Fight: Frederick Douglass and The Memory of The Fifty Fourth Massachusetts that the effort to rally support during the Civil War took its toll on Frederick Douglass over the course of time. He argues that Douglas was correct in noting...

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Between The World And Me Essay

The article talks about a letter written by a father to his son in which the author revealed his disappointment over the empathy that people with privileges in United States of America tries to show towards debilitate when in reality they are omnipotent and can actually change the fate of...

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Reflections upon ‘Happy Planet’

In their provocative article ‘Happy Planet’, Robert Adler and Fred Pearce discuss the overall situation with respect to global natural resources, the causes of climate change, the effects of carbon dioxide emissions—including global warming—and the notion of sustainable living. Their central thesis seems to be that, not only is it...

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Job Market Leaves Fed in Limbo

In a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Job Market Leaves Fed in Limbo” the author Harriet Tory explained some ambiguous facts. She said in the article that the U.S. Labor Market added 150,000 jobs. On the other hand, the unemployment rate was still extremely low. The rest of the...

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