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Article Analysis

Critical Analysis: The Variety of Critical Theory

If one thing emerges immediately from reading “The Variety of Critical Theory,” it is that postmodernism, in its application to criminological theory, certainly may have attempted to clarify criminological ideas but it did so in a dense and sometimes seemingly (unnecessarily?) complicated fashion. Trying to navigate the definitions of postmodernism,...

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Reading Analysis

Part 1: Academic Article Das, M., de Valk, H., & Merz, E.-M. (2016) ‘Mothers' Mobility after Separation: Do Grandmothers Matter?’ Population Space Place, doi: 10.1002/psp.2010. What Population Geography ‘concepts’ does the article address? The study aimed to get a better understanding of the movement patterns of women that were recently...

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SJ Article Review

Lack of Sales and Marketing alignment is a major challenge when it comes to considering producing an acceptable quantity of high quality sales leads. Most of the time, B2B marketers often tend to define the true meaning of “qualified lead” as their sales counterparts would, and as such usually remains...

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Week Three: Literature Evaluation

The course of the literature review involved two databases: Ebsco Host and Pub Med. These two were selected due to the ability to filter the search criteria and the availability of multiple peer reviewed journal articles. The search criteria for both databases was limited to the English language, published within...

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Dozois Article Review

The article written by Dozois, Seeds, and Collins (2009) focused on transdiagnostic approaches to preventing both depression and anxiety. Specifically, these researchers asserted that most treatment options that are used within clinical and counseling psychology have been developed with populations in which there was depression present or anxiety present, and...

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