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Article Analysis

Literature Review Article

Archer, Louise, DeWitt, Jennifer, Dillon, Justin, Osborne, Jonathan, Willis, Beatrice and Wong,Billy. ‘Not girly, not sexy, not glamorous’: primary school girls’ and parents’ constructions of science aspirations. Department of Education and Professional Studies, King’s College London, London, UK; b School of Education, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California USA Archer,

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Really Really by Paul Downs Colaizzo: An Analysis

Really Really, written by Paul Downs Colaizzo is inspired in the 2006 Crystal Gail Magnum vs. Duke University alleged rape accusation; an accusation of rape made against three members of the university’s rugby team. Nevertheless, the dramaturg chose not to use specifics, eliciting a sense of identification based on the...

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Thompson’s “Staring” and “Looking” Distinction and “Ring of Fire” E.T. Russian

In the journal article “Ways of Staring”, Thompson attempts to understand staring as a particular type of visual and relational function between human beings, which attempts to make sense of something in our field of vision. When we merely look at something, this can be purely unconscious, or without interest,...

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Rhetorical Analysis of David Grossman’s ‘Writing in the Dark’

David Grossman says more than once in this short piece that it is difficult to write about oneself. Indeed, there is so little substantive content to this piece of writing that this must be considered his central message. Yet Grossman does not seem to have much trouble writing about himself....

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The Detectives who Never Forget a Face

In the article, “The Detectives who Never Forget a Face,” Patrick Keefe presents the case of facial recognition as being on a spectrum rather than the previous assumption that few people in the world could not recognize faces while the majority others had a similar ability to do so. Based...

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