Share thoughts and explain what you think of the Bible verses
I think these Bible verses support polygamy and provide boundaries for polygamy among the people living during this time. One boundary, for example, is not to take a wife’s sister as a bride. This is sensible, as doing so may cause jealousy and strife between these family members. During the time of earliest Christianity, there were probably much fewer resources. Because of this, it makes sense that men would have more wives so that children were not left homeless, and women left without the resources to support themselves and their family. While today women have more resources available to them, there are still many women that do not.

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What is your opinion of polygamy?
I think a strong argument exists for polygamy. As pointed out via the statistics, in many places of the world including the US, there are more women than men. Ideally, men that are capable of supporting more than one wife, and capably of satisfying the financial, emotional, and personal needs of more than one wife, should do so. This may actually reduce the divorce rate, and reduce the level of cheating that takes place within a marriage. Having more than one wife can build a community and camaraderie or in-home support system among women.

How do you feel about polygamy?
I feel that the ban on Polygamy is a result of a Roman, or cultural injunction and goes against the natural instincts of man. While not everyone will agree to a polygamous relationship, those that are comfortable with it should not feel restricted in their lifestyle. Boundaries are put in place to ensure that families have a means to support themselves. I don’t think a man, for example, needs to have (nor can he probably support) 10 wives. However, if someone has two wives, and has the financial resources to support them, and treats them fairly both emotionally and financially, then he should be allowed to do so. The woman should be allowed to have their fair say in the matter also.