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The Rise of China

According to Roskin & Berry (2012), “China has lifted perhaps half a billion citizens out of poverty” (p. 279). That is hundreds of millions of people in a little over half a century – an extraordinary achievement, but one that is rarely mentioned in the US. Instead, pundits and politicians...

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China’s Social Environment and How It Relates to Doing Business in China.

Social environment refers to the immediate physical and social setting in which people live or something develops. It involves the culture that the people have learnt or live in together with the institutions with which they interact. In other words, it is the way of life that the people are...

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Effects of Japanese Culture on Writing

Cultural orientations are very important in the social dynamics. Every nation in the world has its culture. Culture is defined by various aspects. One of the most common identities of culture is language. Cultural setups are very influential towards the acquisition of various language skills. Writing is one of the...

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One-Country-One System’ Policy

"One country, two systems" is a constitutional guideline proposed by Deng Xiaoping, who recommended that there would be just a single China, yet particular Chinese locales such as Hong Kong and Macau could hold their own financial and administrative frameworks, while the rest of China uses the communism system (Fong...

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Can A Park Statue Destabilize Northeast Asian Regional Relations?

The Park statue concept incepted in the North East Asian country is one of the mechanisms that have been incepted towards ensuring a regional biodiversity corridor pre-exists in the region. The main aim of the park was to preserve and consequently maintain biological property falling within the demilitarized area. These...

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