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Contemporary Chinese Geopolitics

Some authors in the contemporary literature on China and international relations have described contemporary Chinese policy with regard, in particular, to the United States as a form of “coopetition” (i.e., Shambaugh, 2013). Coopetition in Chinese-U.S. relations is thus, on the one hand, characterized by cooperation on the economic level, and,...

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Said Edward’s Orientalism

The Orientalism by Said Edward is a canonical draft of cultural studies in which he challenges the orientalism. According to him, that entirely focuses on the blatant differences between west and east ‘worlds.’ He points out that the Europeans visited many less developed nations at the start of their colonization...

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UAE Economy

Pursuant to United Arab Emirates (2008), dirham deposits get attractive due to the positive revaluation prospects. The tactics applied by contrarian investors is to tip the US dollar to the bottom line. As a result, holders will be benefited with an unexpected upside bonus. However, one should note that cash...

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Living in Saudi Arabia

We sometimes understand the world better when we go through contrasting life experiences. Similarly, things hold greater value for us when we don’t have them for granted. Being raised in my native Saudi Arabia where I have been studying at a boarding school since the age of 12 as well...

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Compare and Contrast Confucianism and Taoism Essay

When considering Daoism, the origin of things in context of a Daoist, or Taoist, is very important. In Daoism, the universe began as a universe egg. After many thousands of years, the egg split apart to form the heavens and the Earth. At this time, P’an ku was born as...

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Sustainability in Saudi Arabia

Recently, Saudi Arabia decided to invest in technology that will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, which is one of many initiatives in the Middle East that has made it popular among businesses seeking an ecologically-friendly business environment. Prince Mohammed bin Salman also announced the launch of the NEOM project,...

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Gamal Abdel Nasser

Gamal Abdel Nasser was one of the most interesting figures in twentieth century Middle Eastern politics. The second president of Egypt, Nasser took over after his forces overthrew the monarchy in the 1950s. Nasser was a powerful figure who cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood and sought to unite Arab...

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“To Live” by Yu Hua and “Love in a Fallen City” by Eileen Chang: A Comparison

1940s Shanghai is an interesting setting for a novel. China was in the middle of a civil war and many men were conscripted into the Kuomintang. Issues with the communist government were also at the very center of people’s minds. This interesting backdrop has provided an interesting setting for a...

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TED Talks: Asian Experiences and Patriotic Identities

Both speakers, George Takei and Hyeonseo Lee, speak about the social cruelties that they have experienced as an Asian. Lee has been out of North Korea for twenty years, but she had to escape North Korea in order to get both herself and her family out. In contrast, Takei is...

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Islam and Minorities

During the historical time period of Islam expanding into non-Muslim territories, the Muslims shared religious territories because they had not yet established their mosques. Based on sharing religious facilities, it is assumed that the classic Muslim administration was tolerant of religious and ethnic minorities that were under their rule. Tolerance...

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Foreign Policy Of Asia

Question OneThe three factors that have affected relations between the United States and China are international trade, human rights and security. Competition between the United States and China is based on two reasons. The first reason is the change in political power between the United States and China while the...

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Iraq for Sale: Movie Review

In the film, Iraq for Sale the author, Robert Greenwald tries to expose the unskillfulness, corruption, and greed among private contractors in Iraq. The movie was a little horrifying to watch because of the brutal murder and torture of Blackwater employees. The murder of the employees was just a single...

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The Size And Structure Of The Turkish Armed Forces

The Turkish army has a population of 500 thousand people. In case of a military conflict it can be increased to 900 thousand. The troops of Turkey are completed on the recruiting basis and the age limit is from 20 to 21. The compulsory military service lasts from six to...

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Female Writers in China

Women were never strange to Chinese literature. In Chinese tradition it is believed that Cai, the Chinese word for literary abilities, for the talent of writing, can be possessed both by males and the females. But there was a small detail, which did not allow women take the central part...

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Middle Eastern Cultural and Religious Perspectives

Every culture has different beliefs and may participate in various forms of religions or practice cultural customs. The culture of Middle Eastern people is no different. Many Middle Eastern people practice Islam, and they are called Muslims. Although they may practice prayer and study the Koran, they place high value...

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Asian Religions

The debate on whether Confucianism and Daoism are religions or philosophies is a complicated one. On one hand, both have central texts, rituals, and codes of ethics that are shared and agreed upon by the people who practice them. Both ways of thinking have people they see as being a...

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