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Dhaka Bangladesh

While Dhaka, Bangladesh, is the fastest growing city in the world, being a home to around 15 million of people, it is also one of the least developed cities in the world with regard to sanitation and water facilities, population settlement, employment conditions, and healthcare provision (Mizanur 2). Based on...

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Bangladesh and US

The lives of young adults in different areas of the world can be vastly different, yet even across cultural boundaries, young people still have some similarities. The society that people grow up in couldn’t be any more different than between the United States and Bangladesh yet some of the experiences...

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Ways to Reduce Karoshi and Karo-Jisatsu in Japan

Overwork is an extremely serious social issue in Japan which causes thousands of deaths. This problem is so widespread that separate words were created to describe it. “Karoshi” means death from heart failure or stroke caused by overwork (Weller). “Karo-jisatsu” stands for suicide because of depression and physical and emotional...

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Political Analysis of Japan

The following analysis continues an evaluation of Japan's democracy, which is a constitutional monarchy, by following Chapters 10-12 of the Patterns in Democracy text. Japan's placement on the two-dimensional conceptual map of democracy is also explored. Japan is identified as being both unitary and decentralized. Unitary is defined as majoritarian,...

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Shakuhachi Instrument

As a solo meditation instrument, it is no doubt that the Shakuhachi has a soothing and consistent tone. Typically made with a wooden pipe (usually bamboo in this case), the tone is wholesome. It can be considered “wooden”, which would involve a purer sound, something that is occasionally airy and...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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