The fall dance theater concert displayed a number of dances that were educative and entertaining. However, two dances attracted my attention. The first dance was named “Ask and Tell” and was performed by two outstanding performers Angelo Martin and Dylan Ochoa. The storyline of the dance is a dream and a love story being narrated through the act of the two gentlemen who were in the army.
The dance begins with the first gentleman who appears to be young and energetic sited on a chair bellow the spotlight. I saw the young soldier despite being healthy and energetic was frustrated for failing to achieve his dream of being a dancer. The second army man appears, and he too is sited on the chair. However, he is seems frustrated and disappointed because he is tired of receiving orders and commands for a number of years he has served in the army. After a while, despite their disappointment and frustration they eventually come together in the center of the podium and start doing some exercises. They engage in difficult and challenging exercises that demand a lot of energy such as pushups and jogging.

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As they engage in the exercise, they seem to be a connection between both of them. However, the more they do the exercise, the harder it becomes for them. The younger man seems to be overpowered and seems to grow weaker. Besides, the elder soldier decides to take the role of his protector and keeps on motivating him. However, one point of interest is the way the younger soldier signified his desire to give up when things got harder. He could touch his head expressing his desire to give up and leave, but the elder soldier could not let him since he never wanted to lose his partner. At the end of the dance, both of them face each other bellow the spotlight with a space less than an inch between them. They signal each other “goodbye” and the young man suddenly collapses. The protector eventually allows him to leave as he carries him to his death.

On the Rocks
The second and the last dance named “On the Rocks” won my heart. The dance was a jazz genre and was based on a story line of finding love and meeting the sexual desire of a man and a woman in a club. The dance begins with a female in the club trying to get the man’s attention. The man is attracted to the woman and requests her for a dance, which she gladly accepts. They dance a number of romantic songs and started falling in love with each other. The environment seemed to be romantic covered with shining lights that kept on changing as the music changed.

Subsequently, every individual in the bar joins them on the dancing floor to dance with their partners. All the couples appeared to be dressed smart with ladies wearing fancy and expensive clothes. However, as the dance continued, it became more sexual than before, and the couples were having fun than ever before. They engage in a dance battle where both the girls and the gentlemen try to show off their dancing skills. They all do this with the intention of obtaining attention from the opposite gender.

At the end of the dance, the couple seems to be satisfied in fulfilling their sexual desire. The couples start leaving the club with a lot of peaceful expressions together with the partners they had met. Surprisingly, the bartender receives a proposal from a girl who asks her out, which was out of his expectation.