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The “Big Bang” Theory of The Origin of The Universe

The Big Bang Theory is defined as the early development of the universe and that the universe is expanding. “The Big Bang Theory is considered as the beginning of the universe.” (Hawking, 1998) As soon as the universe was born, the universe expanded and inflated. According to Charles Choi, “space...

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Development Of Understanding How The Earth Works

The term universe is used to refer to the totality of the existence and encompasses all what it is observable and what is not seen (Carr 50). Planets, stars, galaxies, matter, energy, among others are component of the universe. Notably, that there are different thoughts regarding how the world works...

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Astronomers of Golden Age of Islam

The golden age is dated from the mid-7th century to the mid-13th century when people affiliated to the Islam religion prospered. The golden age of Islam is associated with political leadership and produced Cultural Revolution in all areas controlled by Muslims. Therefore, the domain of the golden age of Islam...

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Justification of Galileo’s Belief in Copernican Theory

The revolutionary concepts that Copernicus introduced caused waves among the masses of his time-- the notion that the Sun was the center of the galaxy, and not the Earth, developed into a theory known as the heliocentric theory. This theory contradicted much of the ideas and beliefs that were set...

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Justifying Galileo’s Belief in the Copernican System

In the early 17th century, three primary beliefs, or models on planetary movement existed. The three competing theories were Ptolemaic, which was that the universe consisted of a set of nested spheres. He developed a system for accurately predicting the past and future positions of the planets. The second theory...

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