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Northern Lights

Astronomical presentations can delight onlookers and create a sense of awe in those who witness these elaborate displays. Whether lying underneath the stars or traveling to the far reaches of the earth, the pure magnitude of what is above never fails to prove the effort worthwhile. One such astronomical phenomenon...

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The Random Universe

Whether or not the universe is ‘random’ is a debate that is as controversial in philosophy as it is science. Much of the debate stems from the term ‘random’ itself. From a scientific perspective, random can take on two meanings. In one interpretation, random means that certain events do not...

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Brown Dwarfs

The Brown Dwarfs are entities existing between the heaviest planets and the lightest starts and have masses approximately 13 to 75 times of Jupiter. Because of their unique existence, the Brown Dwarfs may be entirely convective, hence lacking chemical differentiation and layers or fully convective. Unlike the starts which have...

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Astronomy And Universe

Statement that the Universe is random means that all events are not predetermined; they appear to have no cause and turn out of nowhere. The opposite is the deterministic Universe. This vision posits that everything is pre-determined in the universe and de-facto can be predicted. On the one hand, the...

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How Astronomy Has Affected Our Lives

Since man became conscious of himself as part of a bigger world and universe, he has looked up to the stars and contemplated them. What are they made of, what is their purpose, why do they shine so brightly? Even though the stars are light-years away, over time humans have...

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