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PGA Tour: Inc. v. Martin

Despite his medical condition that caused pain and malfunction of the right leg, Casey Martin was inspired to play professional golf during the PGA tournaments Tour. However, the KTWS prohibited him from walking around the golf course, which is one of the qualifications for participating in the PGA Tour events....

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Coach Athlete Relationship

Having conducted the literature review and identified the various themes from previous and subsequently conducted qualitative and quantitative research, this section presents the main lessons learned. Generally, the level of coach-athlete relationship in Ireland as observed from the results is stable and can be categorized as follows. According to Jowett,...

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Argument against Athletic Programs in Universities

Universities are well known for their activities associated with facilitating the acquisition of high-level education. The acquisition of education is attained through the engagement of the students along the regular set programs that are commonly referred to as the curriculum. In the advent of globalization and dynamic social trends, universities...

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How much is Success in the Mind of the Athlete

A common saying is that achieving success involves a lot of hard work and sweat since there is no gain without pain. Nothing comes easy hence the need to perfect one’s skills and knowledge to achieve the best outcome. Practice makes perfect, is another commonly used phrase to encourage people...

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Houston Astros Cheating

Diamond (2020) dwells about the “Codebreaker” scandal of 2016-2017 with the Houston Astros baseball team. Though there are many speculations and suggestions, it is hard to know all details for sure. The article tells readers about the cheating formula created by some of the Astros’ team members and staff. It...

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Deaflympics Informative Essay

Champion level athleticism is amazing in any context. However, watching a video of the Deaflympics in swimming is very different. After seeing this video, we know that sporting events can be captured in many ways. One of the most amazing parts of the video is that there is absolutely no...

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The Flow States in Extreme Sports Athletes

In The Rise of Superman, Steven Kotler examines and investigates the science of the ultimate human performance, a rare phenomenon found among top athletes. The author finds that high performing high performing athletes enter and remain in a state of flow which enables them to produce an extraordinary performance. The...

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Mental Imagery in Female Athletes

The construct of mental imagery has drawn different conceptual distinctions in its description. Scientists have described it as an experience that mimics real experience (Link, 2009). Using the technique allows one to experience smell, taste, or sounds without experiencing the real thing. From the definition, mental imagery function, the use...

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Auburn University History: Famous Alumni

The purpose of this paper is to take an in depth look at three famous sports people who attended Auburn University. These are: Charles Barkley, Bo Jackson, and Chuck Person. Auburn was founded in 1856, and is one of the few remaining American universities to still act as grant university...

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Efficacy of Neuromuscular Training to Prevent ACL Injuries in Female Athletes

Introduction In all sports, injury is common. As such, scientists and medical health professionals have taken painstaking measures to research how injuries might be prevented—or at least how the risk of injury might be reduced therein. Female athletes, in particular, are considered to be more prone to lower limb injuries...

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Weightlifting As An Athletic Sport

Report There has been a rise in the interest of athletic weightlifting as a participatory sport and a way to improve sport performance and recreational body building. Weightlifting as a sport is defined by competitor placings, which as scored based on the best of three snatch, clean and jerk attempts....

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Energy Systems Training for Team Sport Athletes

Training in energy systems is crucial for team sport athletes. Understanding the energy systems helps the strength and conditioning coach as well as the athletes to approach training properly. This topic is relevant to an aspiring strength and conditioning coach as it provides them with information about proper energy systems...

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Bobby Knight

Bobby Knight was the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, He was put on probation and ultimately dismissed because of his actions against one of the players he coached, Neil Reed. Neil claimed that he had been choked by the coach at a practice, and although it was denied by...

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Michael Jordan: Greatest Basketball Player of All Time

Everyone wants to be the greatest. Am I right? Each one of us sat for hours working towards the greatest speech in the classroom. Some work diligently to become Valedictorian or win student council seats. Basically, everyone wants, in some form or fashion, to be considered great and most people,...

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LeBron James

I believe that Le Bron James is the best role model of all players currently active in the National Basketball Association (NBA). That is because he has demonstrated for many years his pre-eminence on the basketball court, his ability to win under a range of circumstances, his transition as an...

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“Race” Film

In the film “Race,” the character of famous athlete Jesse Owens is illustrated, as well as his story of crossing racial barriers in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Set in a very tumultuous era in history, Owens defied many social norms and societal expectations for himself as a black person. “Race”...

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Making Waves London

MWL faces competition from other clubs in recruiting members from the students’ population. The clubs exclusive use of “hand-drawn” advertisement is a poor recruitment strategy that appeals to a marginal group of candidates. Furthermore, the bureaucratization of MWL makes the club more of a formal organization than a student club,...

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Raiders in Las Vegas: The SWOT for Residents is Questionable

The Oakland Raiders have been stagnant in Oakland, with their primary complaint being that the Mayor, Libby Schaaf, has failed to supply the Raiders with the stadium that they need and deserve. The owner of the Raiders, Mark Davis, is now prepared to relocate the Raiders to Las Vegas. Gov....

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The Risk of Sports Injuries in Young Athletes

MethodologyThe purpose of this project is to highlight the increasing frequency of sports related injuries that can be avoided through the scrutiny of the sporting activities. The main point in the evaluation is to anticipate risky activities, which may lead to injury. Moreover, the recurrence of similar injuries is a...

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History of Sports: Jim Thorpe

One of the people who can be regarded as a hero in American history in the field of sport is one of the most versatile athlete, Jim Thorpe. More specifically, in ‘19912 Jim Thorpe became the only person ever to win both the Olympic Pentathlon and Decathlon events’ (Reising). Apart...

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