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Deaflympics Informative Essay

Champion level athleticism is amazing in any context. However, watching a video of the Deaflympics in swimming is very different. After seeing this video, we know that sporting events can be captured in many ways. One of the most amazing parts of the video is that there is absolutely no...

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The Flow States in Extreme Sports Athletes

In The Rise of Superman, Steven Kotler examines and investigates the science of the ultimate human performance, a rare phenomenon found among top athletes. The author finds that high performing high performing athletes enter and remain in a state of flow which enables them to produce an extraordinary performance. The...

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Mental Imagery in Female Athletes

The construct of mental imagery has drawn different conceptual distinctions in its description. Scientists have described it as an experience that mimics real experience (Link, 2009). Using the technique allows one to experience smell, taste, or sounds without experiencing the real thing. From the definition, mental imagery function, the use...

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Auburn University History: Famous Alumni

The purpose of this paper is to take an in depth look at three famous sports people who attended Auburn University. These are: Charles Barkley, Bo Jackson, and Chuck Person. Auburn was founded in 1856, and is one of the few remaining American universities to still act as grant university...

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Efficacy of Neuromuscular Training to Prevent ACL Injuries in Female Athletes

Introduction In all sports, injury is common. As such, scientists and medical health professionals have taken painstaking measures to research how injuries might be prevented—or at least how the risk of injury might be reduced therein. Female athletes, in particular, are considered to be more prone to lower limb injuries...

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