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Weightlifting As An Athletic Sport

Report There has been a rise in the interest of athletic weightlifting as a participatory sport and a way to improve sport performance and recreational body building. Weightlifting as a sport is defined by competitor placings, which as scored based on the best of three snatch, clean and jerk attempts....

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Energy Systems Training for Team Sport Athletes

Training in energy systems is crucial for team sport athletes. Understanding the energy systems helps the strength and conditioning coach as well as the athletes to approach training properly. This topic is relevant to an aspiring strength and conditioning coach as it provides them with information about proper energy systems...

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Bobby Knight

Bobby Knight was the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, He was put on probation and ultimately dismissed because of his actions against one of the players he coached, Neil Reed. Neil claimed that he had been choked by the coach at a practice, and although it was denied by...

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Michael Jordan: Greatest Basketball Player of All Time

Everyone wants to be the greatest. Am I right? Each one of us sat for hours working towards the greatest speech in the classroom. Some work diligently to become Valedictorian or win student council seats. Basically, everyone wants, in some form or fashion, to be considered great and most people,...

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LeBron James

I believe that Le Bron James is the best role model of all players currently active in the National Basketball Association (NBA). That is because he has demonstrated for many years his pre-eminence on the basketball court, his ability to win under a range of circumstances, his transition as an...

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