History of any country and particularly the history of the United States of America is full of events, which seem to be the turning points, the points of no return. They particularly appear to be such during the time of their happening. As the events take place they seem to be very important, outstandingly important to the people who witness such events and particularly to those who take active part in these events. But times goes by and after a few decades it becomes clearer, which events are of true importance to the history and which should only be seen as background, as historical noise, so to speak. In fact it is uneasy to find an event which is of little or no importance. All events in human history are tightly connected with each other and thus even an unimportant event may have very important consequences.

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Still, looking back at the past century in the history of the United States, I tend to believe that the most important, the scariest development in the history of the country was the development and further application of the atomic bomb. There are several reasons due to which I believe so. And in a few further paragraphs I will in more details discuss these reasons.
First of all it is believed that the Atomic bomb and its application were crucial for ending the World War II. Meanwhile, I share the point of view of those who are skeptical regarding this necessity. I strongly believe that there were ways to end the war in a different fashion. Maybe things would get more complicated. But I do not think that such a solution would necessarily cause more deaths. Implementing such a solution would certainly require more wisdom from the side of the military authorities. Throwing a bomb was an easy thing, but a very controversial decision.

Would the so called Cold War be so long and the confrontation so severe between the United States and the Soviet Union? I strongly believe, that by not throwing the atomic bomb we could have avoided numerous complications in our relations with the former USSR and modern Russia may not necessarily see the western world as such a serious enemy. Certainly, the authority could have tried to tune their citizens against the United States, but it would hardly be as successful without the frightening factor of the atomic bomb. People all over the world saw this side of the United States. If somebody disagrees, well Americans can do it the hard way. Did it earn us respect? Hardly so. People around the world oftentimes were rather afraid than respectful of the United States.

It was us who began this whole story with atomic weapon. It could not have become the world’s thread unless the United States had equipped themselves with one. Now we all live without knowing when and whether our planet will be destroyed at any given moment. And we have the thread from the side of a number of other countries, which now and then begin speaking about initiating nuclear programs. The would be much better off without this thread. And it is particular important for the US history, because it was the development and further application of the atomic bomb which has, unfortunately, participated in shaping the US international image. Due to those events everybody knows: yes, the United States is a strong country. But also an aggressive one.

Another interesting aspect to consider was the aggression of the western world against the authentic culture of the Japanese. I find it quite the case. Atomic bomb has accelerated globalization, I believe. And I am not a great fan of globalization. I love the world in its diversity and though Japan is a very successful country, I strongly believe: there would be much more charm to it if it had not been so much westernized. And this westernization, as one of the results of this thick point which the bombs put in the war. If the end was arrived at differently, still with the victory on the side of the United States and the USSR, there would be more chances for the Japanese to save their wonderful culture.

The United States is attempting to dictate the world order. The global policeman is one of the “nicknames” of the United States. But to my mind this bombing was a great failure from the side of the United States. After such actions, hysteric actions our country, unfortunately, undertook, we hardly have got the moral right to judge what is right and what is wrong, and we hardly have got the right to defend the world from the nuclear thread, as our country itself is such a thread in the eyes of many nations.

These are just a few among numerous reasons, which make me strongly believe: the development and further application of the atomic bomb was the biggest mistake in the US XX century history. The world could have been a much quieter place if it had not been for the bomb on the one hand, and the United States as a nation, as the “global policeman” would certainly earn much more respect in the eyes of many nations. The cold war could have been shorter or/and less intense. Japan could have saved more of its authenticity and in general Americans would not be to blame for the only nuclear bombing in human history. Maybe we would not have to be afraid of the second one then. But things are the way they are. Our task is to learn from the history and avoid the mistakes of the past.