I am sure all of us have been exposed to various medical conditions in our lives. Attention Deficit Disorder is one of the medical conditions that has received massive attention across the world today. Some people perceive the condition as a just a disorder that does not the magnitude to be classified as a disease. This has led to the emergence of a debate across various platforms regarding Attention Deficit Disorder. This is a condition that Mostly affects both children others experience complications into adolescence and ultimately adulthood. The victims of the medical conditions exhibit various symptoms and signs that are associated with their actions. Some of the symptoms of the condition are associated with paying of attention and the level of focus they are able to give to various activities that they undertake. The victims can also exhibit behaviors that are very difficult to control due to their level of activity which is very high and impulsive. The children that are victims of ADHD exhibit various symptoms that include being predominantly hyperactive, predominantly inattentive and a combination of both predominantly inactive and hyperactive. Today I want to persuade you that Attention Deficit Disorder is a medical condition and should be handled like other medical disorders.
The predominantly hyperactive and impulsive victims exhibit at least six symptoms of the condition in their daily activities and behavior. In this category, there can be less than six symptoms that may be associated with inattention, but the victims are likely to portray the inactivity to large extent. The hyperactive children are overly active and can do various activities without settling down, these children are usually highly aggressive and they can experience problems when doing activities that may require lower amounts of attention. The victims that are predominantly inattentive have more than six symptoms that are associated with inattentiveness in their activities. However, some of these victims can also exhibit hyperactive-impulsive symptoms. Some of these children in this category may not have difficulties on dealing or getting along with their colleagues but they may not have sufficient attention to the activities that they are engaged. The children cannot stick to a certain event for long periods because of the lack of focus and attention to a certain activity. Most of the children that have ADHD exhibit both hyperactivity and inattentiveness. This is a chronic manifestation of the condition because the symptoms that the children exhibit are extremely dangerous and they affect various aspect of their life. The impulsive children are highly impatient and can cause interruption in any activities that they may be involved.

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There are various factors that cause the condition in the children that are victims. One of the common causes is the facts that the condition can be passed through genes from the parents. Environmental factors can also contribute to the condition. Some of the parents that use cigarettes and smoke alcohol during pregnancy can increase the risk of the children developing the condition. Head injuries can also be a common cause of the condition especially if the children have traumatic injuries on the brain. Some types of sugars and excessive use of food additives can also increase the risk of the condition. Some of the children that are affected the medical condition exhibit various signs and symptoms depending of the level and severity of the condition. The children that are highly predisposed to the condition are those at the age of 7. In most of these victims, the symptoms and complications associated with condition extend to their later years of their lives.

There are various procedures that can be undertaken before the appropriate management and corrective medications and procedures can be adopted. These are the assessment and tests that can assist in the diagnosis of the condition among the victims. The variance of the symptoms form one individual to another and the factors associated with the development of the children make the diagnosis of the condition very difficult. The parent and the members of the family ate very close to the children and they are heavily engaged in the detection of any deviations in their behavior. There are various tests that can be carried out in order to test for the presence of the condition in the victims. The physicians can collect information on the physical and historical information of the victims in the diagnosis. There are various conditions that are identical to ADHD, therefore, the experts must undertake differentiated tests to assist in the management of the condition.

There are various treatment procedures that can be given to the victims with ADHD. Most of treatment procedures may not be overly effective but they are administered to the patients to improve their functioning and reduce the impacts created by the extreme symptoms. Therefore, these treatments assist in the management of the symptoms and there is no complete cure to the condition. The most common medication used in treating the condition is referred to as stimulant medication. This medication assist in suppressing the symptoms exhibited by children. The stimulant medications come in different forms and the ones adopted depends on the availability and the condition of the victim. However, the stimulant medications have various effects on the children. Some of the common conditions associated with the condition include sleep problems, decreased appetite, headaches and stomachaches. The use of psychotherapy is one of the alternative methods that can be used in the management of the condition. This includes the management of the behavioral alterations in the victims to mitigate the symptoms and side effects of medication.

To sum up, Attention Deficit Disorder is a very common medical condition across the world. The condition is manifested through the victims exhibiting various symptoms associated with hyperactivity and lack of attention. Therefore, the children should be subjected to prompt medical attention in order to assist in its management and control to prevent the escalation of the condition to chronic levels. The use of medications to suppress the symptoms and psychotherapy includes some of the strategies used in managing the conditions in both children and adults.