The purpose of this paper is to take an in depth look at three famous sports people who attended Auburn University. These are: Charles Barkley, Bo Jackson, and Chuck Person. Auburn was founded in 1856, and is one of the few remaining American universities to still act as grant university for space, sea and land.

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1. Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley is a famous TV personality and a former NBA basketball player who was born in 1963 in Alabama. In 1992, he was a participant in the American Olympic Dream Team, and in 1996, he was noted as being one of the fifty greatest players in the league.2 In the autumn of 1981 he joined Auburn University where, due to his basketball talent, he was named the Round Mound of Rebound. During his three years Auburn, he was awarded various honors: he was the All-SEC player three years in a row, and the 1984 Southeastern Conference Player of the Year (Charles Barkley). Later on, he was made one of Auburn’s All Century team. Due to his success as a school and college basketball player, during the first round of the 1984 NBA draft, he was enlisted by the Philadelphia 76ers. He became part of the U.S. Olympic team in 1992, and played a role in making sure the illustrious “Dream

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memorable performers, not just because of his incredible skills, but also due to his court side capers and personality. Barkley is one of league history’s four participants to give out 4,000 assists, pick up 10,000 rebounds, and rank up a minimum of 20,000 points.3

Bo Jackson
Bo Jackson is a famous basketball and football player. He was born in 1962 in Alabama, and in the 1980s he shot to stardom as an all round athlete, who was superb in track, football and baseball, since a young boy4. He was a player for both the MLB and the NFL. During his time at high school, the New York Yankees recruited him, however he declined their offer, and went to Auburn University instead. While at Auburn, Jackson acquired the necessary qualifications to join the U.S. Olympic field and track team. In addition to this, he ensured his football team had a victory at the Sugar Bowl. In 1986, Jackson united with MLB, and later in 1991, played for four years for the L.A. Raiders and NFL. Unfortunately, he was sidelined in 1991: he sustained a serious injury which brought his career to an end. While at school, Jackson led his team of basketball players to triumph, made the qualifications to be part of the US Olympic field and track team, and became a Sugar Bowl and football MVP champion. In 1986 he turned professional, and was a player for the California Angels, the Chicago White Sox, and the Kansas City Royals. In the course of his baseball career, in 1987 he was signed on by the L.A. Raiders, and was the All-Star Game MVP in 1989. In addition to this, he made twenty home run seasons four times.5

Chuck Person
Chuck Person is a well known basketball shooter. He was born in 1964 in Florida, and is Auburn’s

3rd all-time leading rebounder, and most fruitful scorer. He serves at Auburn on Bruce Pearl’s staff,

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and in 2015, he was delegated to Associate Head Coach. Person worked as the defensive coordinator for Auburn, and arranged each player’s game plan6. When playing across from the NCAA Tournament teams, the Tigers won five games. A huge help to the recruiting program, Auburn was assisted by Person, and in 2015, they achieved one of the greatest program history signing classes. This involved several recruits who were classed as 4 star. Person’s fourteen year career as an executive and NBC coach, together with his role of trainer at Auburn, has made him renowned as a player and team member of the world’s top basketball coaches. And in 2010, he also had the role of assistant coach under Jackson at Los Angeles Lakers where they were winners in the NBA Championship. From 1982-86 he was an Auburn four-year letterman, assisting the Tigers with their NCAA Tournament appearances7. And in 1985 he led Auburn, and was given the title of SEC Tournament MVP. The

Auburn team became the first ever to be game winners over a four day period. Person himself played together with NBA heros and Auburn allumni, Chuck Morris and Charles Barkley. The results made the Auburn all-time scoring lead. Over 126 matches, they gained 2,311 points. In addition to this, Person also boasts being Auburn’s number one field goal record-holder. He achieved a total of 1,017 field goals, undertook 1,899 field goals, and in the case of total rebounds, he is classed as 3rd with 940.8
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