The reading brings out the relationship between Asian and Australian societies, focusing on Australia’s neighbors from a wide perspective of social, economic and historical approach (Knight, 2011). Generally, the author revolves around essential issues for Australian growth such as globalization, democracy, global politics, economic enhancement and the needs for national development (Knight, 2011). Additionally, the author elaborates China’s economic growth and its effect to such countries as Japan and the United States and its impact to Australia.
The emergence of Asian century will be greater than rebalancing of supremacy between China and the United States since the competition between Japan and China and will be of great significance in building Asia’s tactical future (Knight, 2011). Additionally, the growing relationship between China and India will also play key role in shaping the future of Asia. It is therefore clear that the development of the regional structure relies on upcoming inter-state growth, however, the emergence of Asian Century does not necessary mean that Asian-Pacific institutions will be powerful.

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The emergence of Asian Exclusive after the Asian economic crisis had facilitated connections with China, Japan and South Korea. Australia engagement with Asia comes out as key issue of concern in the reading with the emergence of the Asian Century since it raises a change in strategic and economic powers (Knight, 2011). This invokes many question on the superiority of English language in international conversation and the United States role in determining democracy and human rights.

To be successful as a nation, Australia must be prudent on ways it relates with its neighbors. For instance, mishandling such nations as Malaysia does not in any way support regional relationship that will help in the immigration and refugee management. It means that for Australia to invest more in Asia as it has done on trade, to succeed, there will be need for both sociological and economical knowledge and expertise (Knight, 2011). The emergence of Asian Century does not mean alteration of Australian society, its values and institution, but the need to evaluate Australian skills and expertise and more so psychological preparedness.

From the reading, the author brings focuses on the need of Australia minimizing the superiority complex to learn and embrace policies from the Asia. Asian people are divided into two groups. For instance, individuals who are involved in Asian countries and Asian tradition people in Australia who are mostly university students (Knight, 2011). The next group are individuals who have little or no knowledge about Asia. The emergence of anti-Asian politics could be a great disaster, for this reason, trade and security are keys issues that Australia should focus on. The emergence of China into the world economy after the United States is an issue of concern for Australia since the U.S dominance in Asia is diminished.

Australia upholds European tradition and for it to handle the emerging global issues, it to cut off its superiority complex (Knight, 2011). Higher education can play a significant role in eradicating the superiority complex by creating Asia-awareness. This will eliminate illusion and develop local self-assurance. Researching on Asia and imparting this knowledge into the public to eliminate the stereotypic way of thinking about Asia. The government plays major roles in majority of Asian nations as compared to such countries as the United States, Britain and Australia (Knight, 2011). To succeed, Australia must understand Asian countries just as it recognizes other countries as German and Italy. The political cultures and issues in the Asian nations are unique but similar. Problem-oriented approach will play a significant role in developing strategies to deal with economic, environmental, urban and social issues across Asia.

In conclusion, the author brings out his argument in an informative and convincing way. The major reason behind this is the fact that the author rises issues that need to be addressed so to create a good relationship between Asia and Australia. Additionally, the author, develops various strategies that need to be adopted to deal with security issues, Asian Century and superiority complex.

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