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Fleet Technology Safety

The current onboard monitoring systems play a significant role in monitoring the driving performance; informing the commercial drivers of safety-critical situations, provision of feedback and finally the recording of trip information. Noteworthy, the two current onboard monitoring systems include the drowsy driver detection systems and the hours of service electronic...

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Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System

The article in the Harvard Business Review by Steven Spear and H. Kent Bowen titled "Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System" was very interesting and insightful. Toyota has been well-known for its quality for many years, but its system has been hard to emulate for many companies. The...

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Tesla Motors: Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy is a dynamic concept. The most effective corporate strategies are designed in a way to quickly and effectively respond to the developments in the market and customer demand. It is associated with a necessity of taking steps to react to any changes because a timely reaction is critical...

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Impact Of Red Light Cameras On Fatal Accidents

Red light cameras are automated traffic rules enforcement tool. It has been applied in many countries to capture vehicles that break the set traffic rules mostly at road intersections. Whenever a car ignores the red light on the traffic light, an image of the car is captured by the cameras....

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Management of UAV

Utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles has been dominant in the military environment due to their perceived operational benefits in the battlefield. However, their usage is gradually drifting from the battlefield to suffice civilian needs in different aspects of the society. One of the proposed functions of the unmanned vehicles is...

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A Testbed Simulator for Autonomous Vehicle Testing Methods

A clear standard for acceptable behavior of an autonomous vehicle in the UK road environment touches on three main areas. The first part is the interaction between the user and the automated car. On this area, it is demanded that the vehicle obeys the instructions of the user at all...

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SWOT Analysis of VW Automotive Group

Strengths VW company uses 12 different brands in selling its vehicles: Audi, Bugatti, Seat, Scania, Bentley, Porsche, Ducati, Skoda, Lamborghini, Man, VW Commercial Vehicles, and VW (Volkswagen, n.d). None of VW's rivals has as many brands under its management as Volkswagen. For instance, General Motors has only ten brands, while...

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Automotive Dealership Service Sales and Big Data Analytics

The evolution of technology has provided significant changes during the 21st century, especially in regards to digital technologies. Companies have found a way to combine digital technologies and innovative ways of doing things, it comes as no surprise that different companies have capitalized on these opportunities and have experienced rapid...

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MEMS Sensors in Automobiles

MEMS stands for microelectromechanical systems, which are very small devices used for a number of applications. MEMS are not as small as NEMS, which are nano-scale devices. They consist of several sensors that receive data from the surroundings and a tiny microprocessor to evaluate the data. These devices are used...

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Analysis Of The Automobile Industry

The Industry The automobile industry is a fast-changing one that is full of significant competition. Namely, the industry has a wide range of different types of companies from all over the planet. It has faced some push back and resistance as people have learned about both the cost of ownership...

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Ceramic Brakes

The use of ceramics has greatly increased in recent years. The growth of ceramics has particularly mushroomed because of technology advancements. The use of ceramics has been diversified in the recent past. For many years, ceramics has been used in electronics. Ceramics has been used to manufacture portable electronic devices...

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Automobile Industry Analysis

The IndustryOne of the most interesting and complex industries today is the automotive industry. Companies in this industry face significant competition. They also face many external issues, including taxes, tariffs, substitutes, and the need to compete on sustainability. With so many companies from all over the globe competing for business...

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The History of Automobiles

The end of the 19th century will be forever remembered as the birthday of the modern automobile. The first vehicles were created in Europe. It was a real scientific, social, and cultural breakthrough. The automobile gave humans the speed and immediacy they wanted and needed in an increasingly hectic world....

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How did G.M. Create Tesla’s Dream Car First: Article Review

The article How did G.M. Create Tesla’s Dream Car First by Farhad Manjoo provides a provocative information about a new model of electric car, constructed and launched by General Motors. The author makes the emphasis that despite Tesla company seems to be the most innovative and dominating in electric cars’...

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The Evolution of Nissan Z

Story of the researchThe Nissan Company has evolved in its manner of operation over a long period of time. The secret towards developing company operations is by developing new car models that would be more attractive to customers. Most customers prefer when considerable changes are done on commodities to meet...

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American Automobile Association Amicus Brief

Background Information The American Automobile Association—commonly called AAA—is one of the foremost advocates for drivers, providing a list of services and generally supporting automotive transportation in the United States. It is a federation of many different motor clubs around the United States and Canada. One of the unique things about...

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The Development of Automotive Fuel

Abstract How the world would be today without automobiles would easily elude our understanding. Back in the days when there were no cars, motor-powered ships, and airplanes, people would probably walk for days to get from one point to another. It took various inventions by different people to have the...

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The Potential For Horizontal Wells For Petroleum Production

Butler seeks to review not only the drilling but also the utilization of horizontal wells for the recovery of traditional crude oils and gas, along with the upturn of heavy oils and bitumen. The researcher finds out that horizontal wells appear to hold immense promise for a non-expensive production of...

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Comparison and Analysis of Hybrid Cars in the United States

The top five hybrid cars by popular choice in the United States include: the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid, 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid, 2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid, the Ford C Max Hybrid and the 2015 Toyota Prius. Each of these vehicles provides a more efficient and environmentally friendly means of private...

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