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Ceramic Brakes

The use of ceramics has greatly increased in recent years. The growth of ceramics has particularly mushroomed because of technology advancements. The use of ceramics has been diversified in the recent past. For many years, ceramics has been used in electronics. Ceramics has been used to manufacture portable electronic devices...

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Automobile Industry Analysis

The IndustryOne of the most interesting and complex industries today is the automotive industry. Companies in this industry face significant competition. They also face many external issues, including taxes, tariffs, substitutes, and the need to compete on sustainability. With so many companies from all over the globe competing for business...

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The History of Automobiles

The end of the 19th century will be forever remembered as the birthday of the modern automobile. The first vehicles were created in Europe. It was a real scientific, social, and cultural breakthrough. The automobile gave humans the speed and immediacy they wanted and needed in an increasingly hectic world....

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How did G.M. Create Tesla’s Dream Car First: Article Review

The article How did G.M. Create Tesla’s Dream Car First by Farhad Manjoo provides a provocative information about a new model of electric car, constructed and launched by General Motors. The author makes the emphasis that despite Tesla company seems to be the most innovative and dominating in electric cars’...

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The Evolution of Nissan Z

Story of the researchThe Nissan Company has evolved in its manner of operation over a long period of time. The secret towards developing company operations is by developing new car models that would be more attractive to customers. Most customers prefer when considerable changes are done on commodities to meet...

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