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American Automobile Association Amicus Brief

Background Information The American Automobile Association—commonly called AAA—is one of the foremost advocates for drivers, providing a list of services and generally supporting automotive transportation in the United States. It is a federation of many different motor clubs around the United States and Canada. One of the unique things about...

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The Development of Automotive Fuel

Abstract How the world would be today without automobiles would easily elude our understanding. Back in the days when there were no cars, motor-powered ships, and airplanes, people would probably walk for days to get from one point to another. It took various inventions by different people to have the...

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The Potential For Horizontal Wells For Petroleum Production

Butler seeks to review not only the drilling but also the utilization of horizontal wells for the recovery of traditional crude oils and gas, along with the upturn of heavy oils and bitumen. The researcher finds out that horizontal wells appear to hold immense promise for a non-expensive production of...

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Comparison and Analysis of Hybrid Cars in the United States

The top five hybrid cars by popular choice in the United States include: the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid, 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid, 2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid, the Ford C Max Hybrid and the 2015 Toyota Prius. Each of these vehicles provides a more efficient and environmentally friendly means of private...

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