Air & Marine Operations, popularly known as AMO, is a section of the U.S Customs and Border Protection within the Department of Homeland Security. This department provides border patrol in the United States and is currently the most significant civilian-based aviation and maritime law administration organization. The organization protects the American population through their skills in advanced aeronautical and maritime capabilities. They mainly police against terrorism, and the trafficking of drugs, people, and other contraband into America, which are key security issues for the US.

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There are several reasons why people should learn more about this law enforcement agency. AMO plays a critical role that affects how organizations organize investment in their staff, the counter-networking strategy, development and sustainment of their fleets, and building a sense of domain awareness. Notably, AMO lays substantial emphasis on the qualification of their members through investing in people. They insist that their recruits have an at least a minimum proficiency in the fundamental disciplines of aeronautical or maritime operations. AMO has a training program that instills the required skills and well as opening their stuff to diversity. These efforts ensure that the organization can efficiently perform when needed to by the America people. People should know that AMO always provides the most professional services available. The law enforcement organization also employs a counter-network strategy. Through the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inter-agency cooperation efforts, AMO, and other groups can develop a deeper insight into trans-international criminal networks and terrorists. AMO gets all the support it needs while providing the additional agencies with their maritime skill and expertise in aviation. Multiple illegal operations are thus detected, disrupted, and neutralized, which in turn ensures the protection of American citizens. Such knowledge can make it possible for people to report suspected international criminal rings without fear. Accordingly, information about AMO’s capabilities and compound networking potential may be useful to people that do not know about the organization.

Furthermore, the organization is responsible for developing and sustaining an efficient fleet. To this end, AMO has about 1,200 frontline agents. When compared to other global law enforcement agencies, this number may seem relatively small. However, this team successfully covers the land, the land borders, maritime, and transit zones. All these efforts are made successful through standby fleet of vessels and aircrafts that allow AMO to cover these massive areas effectively. They can operate in the U.S Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico, and the United States. There is a continuous effort to make sure that the technology used is also up to date. This knowledge is empowering to people in that they know distance does not limit the organization’s reach. Lastly, the public should even know about AMO because they build their domain awareness. According to the law enforcement agency, this is probably their most significant contribution in combatting criminal organizations. As part of their vision, they will be sharing real-time actionable intelligence gathered using their sophisticated technology. People can use this information to avoid dangerous routes or even volunteer more details if they are already on the ground. Therefore, information AMO might be useful to some individuals.

The public should also know about what the organization’s focus is. Since its inception, AMO has mainly dealt with interdiction. These efforts have proved useful over the years. The agency has interdicted notable unlawful cargo ranging from cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, firearms, money, and immigrants. All these efforts have been possible through patrol work, intelligence gathering, patrol work, data analysis, and specialized missions based on actionable information. However, AMO has had difficulty dealing with highly organized criminal networks that use complicated technologies to avoid detection. To this end, the public could recognize the good the agency is doing and volunteer actionable information about organized criminal syndicates. Thus, in identifying the areas where the organization is struggling the public could help if it is possible.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, AMO investigates several crimes as they are a law enforcement agency at the core. They are authorized by the American government to enforce the law on land, sea, and air per the US. Code Titles 8, 18, 19 21, 31, 33 and 46. Therefore, the public should know that their jurisdiction is not confined to border activities and that they can operate on both sides of it. In case of criminal activity, then, individuals should not worry about jurisdiction issues. AMO is also mandated with the responsibility to stop drugs and other illegal materials within the country. The organization is only able to achieve these task through a fair amount of community engagement, which proves the central role that people play in their operations. If individuals are aware of the agency’s existence the more likely, they are going to aid them in their activities. Therefore, according to the constitution, the organization can operate both within and outside the country’s borders.

Indeed, AMO is law enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security. More people should have information about this civilian-based organization because of several reasons. These include that they have highly trained workers, they work with other agencies, and they have a fleet of vessels and participate in domain awareness. They also focus on interception of criminals, conduct investigations and cover a vast area. Most of these operations are almost impossible for the organization to conduct without the help of the people. The people, on the other hand, are always more willing to help if they have such information.