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Kansai International Airport: Case Study

When analyzing Kansai International Airport there were several key themes that could be identified. Certain drivers promoted domestic as well as international passenger movement throughout Osaka Kansai International. Based on available data it was possible to forecast both international and domestic movements for passengers. The analysis and resulting economic models...

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USAir Flight 427

One of the most horrendous aviation disasters involved USAir Flight 427, which resulted in such a grisly scene that rescue workers were traumatized by its sheer horror. The crash site was so littered with “blood, body parts, and twisted metal that it was declared a biological hazard” (Melvin, 1994.) Investigators...

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Issues in Analyzing and Comparing Commercial Aviation Accident Statistics

Commercial aviation accident statistics are critical in making a depiction of the trends determining strategies for managing global aviation safety. There is a broad range of issues that statisticians have to think about when taking part in the process of carrying out analysis, comparisons as well as interpretation of the...

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The Human Error Element In Flight Accidents And How The Crew Can Help

Human error can result in devastating accidents while operating machines used for transportation. A ship can capsize if it hits an iceberg because the crew was not paying attention to what was ahead in the distance. It happens with vehicles on the road every day when texting and phone conversations...

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The Evolving Concepts of Crew Resource Management in Aviation

This paper will work to describe what crew resource management is, followed by a brief explanation of some of the evolving concepts of crew resource management in aviation. In so doing, it will indicate knowledge of the concepts and conceptions that have been reviewed throughout the course itself. Crew Resource...

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Aviation and Safety

Globalization is acknowledged by many as a positive driving force in modern society that has led increased global integration of political, economic and sociocultural practices that have transformed the world into a global society. In this case, increased advancement and positive developments in the field of transportation especially in relation...

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SWA Airplane Crash Report

Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 experienced a runway overrun as a result of several events, all of which could have been avoided through the inclusion of a few simple practices and procedures. The airplane ran off of runway 31C, plowing through a blast fence, the airport perimeter fence, and crashed into...

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Aviation Border security

Air & Marine Operations, popularly known as AMO, is a section of the U.S Customs and Border Protection within the Department of Homeland Security. This department provides border patrol in the United States and is currently the most significant civilian-based aviation and maritime law administration organization. The organization protects the...

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Airplane Wing Repair Quality Control

Most of today’s industry is based on mass production. Production lines are designed to supply customers with identical items that are of a standard quality. Quality control is important from a business perspective. “The basic goal of the entire process is make sure that all products and services are satisfactory,...

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Case Study: BIA Aviation Programs

The National Aviation Plan outlines the policy, responsibilities and procedures of Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). BIA runs programs that administer social services, management of natural resources, and economic development among others. The National Aviation office (NAO) serves under the BIA. It is responsible for aviation policy, aviation program management...

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Case Analysis: Aviation Human Factors

Summary On the 24th of November 2001, a Crossair Flight Lx 3597 on route to Zurich in Switzerland crashed near Bassersdorf. The flight registration HB-IMX was a scheduled flight from the Tegel Airport in Berlin and had 33 persons on board on route to Zurich. The flight departure time was...

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Aviation Maintenance and Fatigue

One cannot but encounter the fact that aviation maintenance is likely to be affected by a variety of human factors; and a peculiar thing consists in that the list of these factors go beyond the limits of fatigue. The focus here lies in arguing that it actually incorporates numerous trials...

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Impact of General Aviation

This describes all civil aviation operations that deal with flight activities. It covers a wide range of activities that vary from corporate jet operations, powered parachutes to gliders. General aviation covers all the activities that are entailed in air traffic (Knecht, 2013). This does not include scheduled and non-scheduled air...

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Human Factor In Aviation

Summary On the night of June 1, 2002, a DHL Boeing 557 was cruising from Bergamo in Italy to Brussels. At the same time, a Bashkirian Airlines Tupolev-154 was cruising from Munich to Barcelona (Branstner, n.d.). Both planes had the Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS) and their flight route...

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Consumables In Aviation Logistics

Across the globe, several companies supply consumables that are essential for purposes of keeping the airworthy of aircraft. Jaco Aerospace is among such companies that provide high-quality products for its customers in the United States (US). Jaco Aerospace is a sister organization to ELJet that is a private jet charter...

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Aviation Security

Introduction The term Aviation security is used to refer to a system of procedures and processes employed to ensure that security in the aviation industry is enhanced to provide protection to passengers, staff, and planes which carry passengers and cargo. The widespread growth of the aviation industry came with its...

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Human Factors In UAV

In their duties of carrying out complicated aerial activities and operations, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) technologies use aircrafts with no cabin crew. According to Torres-Pomalas, 2016). In these operations, these aircrafts use predestined programs or operations from distant locations. The UAV technology is intended to carry out military, reconnaissance, and...

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Affect of Weather on Aviation

The National Transportation Safety Board explains that the majority of aviation accidents are due to human error, but twenty-three percent of these accidents are attributed to some sort of weather condition (Kulsea, 2002). There are a number of weather conditions that can affect aircraft at all stages of flight. Summer...

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Northwest Airlines Flight 5 Mechanical Failure

Introduction The following essay shall address the Northwest Airlines Flight 5 mechanical failure, which occurred on January 4, 1990. Firstly, I will summarize the details of the flight. Secondly, I will discuss the causes of the accident, as well as summarize the investigation into the accident and the conclusions drawn...

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Flight Deck Interface

Modern aircraft are exceedingly reliant on automation systems so as to function proficiently and safely. This holds for both commercial and private planes (Rehmann, Klock, & Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center (U.S.), 2013). The automation of flight decks have been a significant improvement in this industry since it has increased...

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