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Self-Healing Composites and the Future of Aircraft Maintenance

The self-healing technology life-cycle is a long one and its predicted success can be attributed to the great anticipation among aerospace professionals who are eager for the next new technology that will save on costs and increase the efficiency of aircraft maintenance. During the life cycle, self-healing technology will go...

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Kansai International Airport: Case Study

When analyzing Kansai International Airport there were several key themes that could be identified. Certain drivers promoted domestic as well as international passenger movement throughout Osaka Kansai International. Based on available data it was possible to forecast both international and domestic movements for passengers. The analysis and resulting economic models...

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USAir Flight 427

One of the most horrendous aviation disasters involved USAir Flight 427, which resulted in such a grisly scene that rescue workers were traumatized by its sheer horror. The crash site was so littered with “blood, body parts, and twisted metal that it was declared a biological hazard” (Melvin, 1994.) Investigators...

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Issues in Analyzing and Comparing Commercial Aviation Accident Statistics

Commercial aviation accident statistics are critical in making a depiction of the trends determining strategies for managing global aviation safety. There is a broad range of issues that statisticians have to think about when taking part in the process of carrying out analysis, comparisons as well as interpretation of the...

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The Human Error Element In Flight Accidents And How The Crew Can Help

Human error can result in devastating accidents while operating machines used for transportation. A ship can capsize if it hits an iceberg because the crew was not paying attention to what was ahead in the distance. It happens with vehicles on the road every day when texting and phone conversations...

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