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Consumables In Aviation Logistics

Across the globe, several companies supply consumables that are essential for purposes of keeping the airworthy of aircraft. Jaco Aerospace is among such companies that provide high-quality products for its customers in the United States (US). Jaco Aerospace is a sister organization to ELJet that is a private jet charter...

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Aviation Security

Introduction The term Aviation security is used to refer to a system of procedures and processes employed to ensure that security in the aviation industry is enhanced to provide protection to passengers, staff, and planes which carry passengers and cargo. The widespread growth of the aviation industry came with its...

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Human Factors In UAV

In their duties of carrying out complicated aerial activities and operations, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) technologies use aircrafts with no cabin crew. According to Torres-Pomalas, 2016). In these operations, these aircrafts use predestined programs or operations from distant locations. The UAV technology is intended to carry out military, reconnaissance, and...

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Affect of Weather on Aviation

The National Transportation Safety Board explains that the majority of aviation accidents are due to human error, but twenty-three percent of these accidents are attributed to some sort of weather condition (Kulsea, 2002). There are a number of weather conditions that can affect aircraft at all stages of flight. Summer...

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Northwest Airlines Flight 5 Mechanical Failure

Introduction The following essay shall address the Northwest Airlines Flight 5 mechanical failure, which occurred on January 4, 1990. Firstly, I will summarize the details of the flight. Secondly, I will discuss the causes of the accident, as well as summarize the investigation into the accident and the conclusions drawn...

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