I had always dreamed of attending a small college because it results in more productive learning experiences in and outside classrooms. I first learned about Babson College (Babson) through a family friend who had such a great experience at Babson that he recommends Babson to almost every person that is applying to colleges. As I conducted research on Babson, it gradually became clear why the family friend had such a great experience by Babson.I want to attend Babson because the average class size of 14 students holds great appeal to me. It will not only help me secure the attention of my professors but also allow me to engage in discussions with smart fellow students. Babson is a small private college and small colleges often have the feel of a close-knit community. College is a time of exploration and as a Babson student I want to meet as many people as possible so that I could learn more about diverse cultural, political, social, and economic point-of-views.
Babson’s location is also a huge plus. Wellesley is a small town with one of the most education population in America. The city’s progressive and innovative spirit is even reflected in the way the city’s operations are managed. Moreover, it is close enough to Boston that I will have access to internship opportunities at local and global organizations in one of the major economic hubs in America.
Babson’s real world approach to education is one of its strongest features. It helps that the college places huge emphasis on entrepreneurship and social citizenship. The family friend told me many of the professors at Babson have had extensive professional experiences outside academic and they often strike a delicate balance between academic theories and real world insights. I love the idea of focusing on the real world applications of the course concepts taught in the class.
I am confident my addition to Babson’s community will excite my fellow students. I am an open-minded person who always welcomes opportunities to challenge my beliefs and assumptions. Babson attracts some of the smartest students in America and from other countries who share my passion for learning from each other. I have been fortunate to travel all over the world and have accumulated significant cross-cultural knowledge as a result. Babson’s students are often passionate about serving local and international communities and they will welcome my insights.
I believe it is important to attend an academic institution whose culture and values you respect. Many of the social issues such as sustainable living, diversity, and economic fairness are not only important to me but also enjoy special place within Babson’s culture. I love that these values have even been embraced by Wellesley’s community. In fact, Wellesley is a model city that should be imitated by other American cities of all sizes.
I look forward to join Babson’s community. I hope my experiences will mirror the experiences of family friend and may inspire many other future college students to choose Babson as well.

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