Apple Inc. is a US-based, world-renowned manufacturer of personal computers, tablet computers, software, audio players and mobile phones. Apple is widely known for its advanced technology. Demand for Apple products is increasing from year to year, not only in the US but in other countries around the world, because of the company’s innovative solutions and attractive design of its products. The company was founded by Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak on April 1st, 1976 in Cupertino California.

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First, the company only produced personal computers, but soon introduced other products, like the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Until today, the company is dedicated to efficiency, durability and flexibility. Its founders believe that everyone should have access to technology. Apple’s mission is to allow everyone access to great technology and they strive to bring the greatest computer experience to all kinds of people around the world.

Computer Usage In Big Companies
Over the few recent decades, the field of technology took a giant leap. Personal computers have been perfected and so their functionality and application possibilities. Computers are not used in many businesses for various purposes, bringing major advantages to those using them. Computers can bring many advantages not only to large corporations, but to small businesses as well. First of all, they help keep things organized in the business, by allowing the use of different specialized software, aimed at organizing files, schedules, documents and deadlines. Secondly, they increase self-sufficiency, by allowing company staff to perform tasks, which previously had to be outsourced. Computers are also cost-effective, because they can do different tasks, which in the past had to be performed by people. This enables businesses to hire less staff, hence saving money. Last but not least, computers help increase profits and sales through the web.