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Access to Finance for Laos SMEs

The objective of this work in writing is to present a proposal for research on the access that Laos SMEs have to finance. This research proposal will present background information along with a review of the literature. In addition, this research proposal will set out the original points of the...

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a regional trade agreement that has been under negotiation during the last 5 years among the U.S. and 11 other Pacific rim countries (Japan, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam). Once ratified, it would be the largest regional...

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Pension Plans and 401(k) Plans: Benefits and Disadvantages

The ever-increasing popularity of retirement plans, whether private or employer-sponsored, is spurring more individuals every year to consider their future earning and expenditures. Two of the most popular retirement plans are pension plans and 401(k) plans. Each has benefits, and each has detriments. Regardless of the retirement plan type or...

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Barings Project

This project deals with the collapse of Barings Bank in the 1990s. The bank was one of the most prominent in the world before a series of financial indiscretions caused it to take on significant debt and collapse. This project will consider the circumstances surrounding that while breaking down the...

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Data Management Trend Of Commonwealth Bank

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) boasts of over 1.2 billion transactions monthly with market strength of 16.6 million customers 6.2 million of which use digital channels. There is such enormous volume of customers’ data, which is predicted to increase. This necessitates the need for Big Data Management. The demand...

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Bank Run – Kindleberger model

One of the special aspects of the 1763 crisis is that this crisis does not fall neatly into the Kindleberger model of a bank run. One possible explanation for this is that, at that time, banks were fairly underdeveloped if evaluated by to the nowadays criteria. Thus, it was not...

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Strategic Scanning Report-Dib Announces A Smart Bank Initiative

The main issue in this paper is about the new proposed bank policy and regulation concerning the exposure of various bank industries to government sectors in Dubai (Scanning Report Sample, n.d.). There is a new regulation regarding Central Bank and other financial institutions in Dubai that aim at reducing vulnerability...

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World Bank And Its Existing Policy Priorities

The World Bank is a multilateral institution, based in Washington DC. It lends money to the nations through their central governments as well as to the government agencies so as to fuel all the necessary development projects in the respective countries. For over several years, there has been several stringent...

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Cover Letter for Goldman Sach

My main motive for applying is that I have always been interested in banking and finance. I believe that I will be able to have a lifelong fruitful career in this field, and I would be extremely proud to be part of the Goldman Sachs team. I am currently on...

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International Banking

International banking offers several types of offices, each with an array of services available to its customers. Some of these types of international banking offices are correspondent banks, representative offices, foreign branches, subsidiary banks, Edge Act banks, and offshore banks. Perhaps one of the most interesting and often misunderstood types...

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US Banking and Financial Institution System

This paper is a SWOT analysis of the United States banking and financial system. The paper shall analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. To assist in the analysis, the paper shall take a look at some aspects in the financial and banking system in America. To begin with, the...

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Banking Market Share and Profits

Banks have expressed concerns their share of total assets of financial institutions has been declining. This is not a new situation as banks’ share of total assets of financial institutions fell below that of mutual funds in the 1990s as well. But bankers also admit they earned relatively high net...

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Banking Systems And Corporate Entities’ Performance

Introduction Banks play an important role in the financial systems of a country and end up influencing the businesses operating in that economy or country. Getting a clear understanding of how banks affect the financial systems of a country is, for this reason, of paramount importance. This is because the...

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