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Cover Letter for Goldman Sach

My main motive for applying is that I have always been interested in banking and finance. I believe that I will be able to have a lifelong fruitful career in this field, and I would be extremely proud to be part of the Goldman Sachs team. I am currently on...

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International Banking

International banking offers several types of offices, each with an array of services available to its customers. Some of these types of international banking offices are correspondent banks, representative offices, foreign branches, subsidiary banks, Edge Act banks, and offshore banks. Perhaps one of the most interesting and often misunderstood types...

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Banking Systems And Corporate Entities’ Performance

Introduction Banks play an important role in the financial systems of a country and end up influencing the businesses operating in that economy or country. Getting a clear understanding of how banks affect the financial systems of a country is, for this reason, of paramount importance. This is because the...

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