I am seeking admission to Barnard College of Columbia University, and specifically as a transfer student seeking a major in Economics and a minor in Music. I am a highly accomplished student and musician, and I believe that the Barnard experience will serve me well, and that in turn, I will provide the school with an alumna that they can be very proud of. My academics strengths are noted on my transcripts and record of prior education. It should also be noted that I have achieved a 4.0 GPA, while studying in an English-based program, as a non-native speaker.
In addition to honing my English language skills, I have used my college experiences thus far to provide me with challenges, and an opportunity for success in such diverse areas as Economics and upper level Mathematics. What makes the Barnard College experience so desirable to me is the ability to balance such academic rigors with the ability to partake in one of the country’s preeminent music programs. I have enjoyed taking music related classes from piano to voice to chamber music, and these pursuits very much complement the awards and recognition I have received in the performing arts (Piano, Music, and Dance) over the years.

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The Barnard College experience is intimate, professional, and challenging, which I find extremely appealing. Music has helped to shape my personality and informs me as an academic as well. I believe the combination of hard sciences and fine arts is a noteworthy blend. Given Barnard College’s outstanding reputation and record of creating outstanding scholars and artists, this is an institution that I strongly desire to graduate from. The first-rate academic and arts programs, together with extra-curricular offerings will provide a foundation for me to grow as both a student and an artist.

This right-brain/left-brain dynamic is exciting and something that I look forward to nurturing while enrolled at Barnard College. I believe that my work as performer and as a student, has given me the confidence and drive to excel at a top notch institution. As my record indicates, I am no stranger to challenges, as well as success. A great example of this was my having received academic “advice” cautioning me not to take on too many academically rigorous courses as a first year student and a non-native English speaker.

I inventoried my skills, knowledge, and abilities, and determined that I was going to take on as much as possible, that I had a plan for the attainment of success, and that I was committed to such plan. In a short period of time, I readily determined that this is absolutely possible for me, and that there was no reason for me to have taken the proverbially easier way out. Instead, as evidenced by my 4.0 GPA, I met the challenges of college, course work in my non-native language, and academically rigorous content, head on and with success.

Having been in athletic and performing arts competition for many years, I am no stranger to pressure and have been successful because I have been forced to learn to handle and manage such situations with perseverance and grace. As a model student and artist, I was expected from a young age to embark on a path towards success and continuous improvement. It is precisely that mindset that has convinced me that Barnard College is the best place for me to pursue my passions for both Economics and Music.

Given my background and I drive, I aspire to become a leader in the business community, and to positively impact both the business and social environment around me. The rigorous, broad and critical program in theoretical and empirical economics that Barnard College offers is tailor-made for my needs as an economics student and will assist me in attaining my professional goals. The college will also serve to satisfy my great interest in music and provide me with unparalleled professional guidance and rewarding opportunities for practice. I am persistent, versatile, and able to multi-task. These qualities will serve me well within Barnard’s intensive music program.

I am grateful for your consideration and would very much welcome an opportunity to engage in a personal interview at the school and/or to have an opportunity to demonstrate my musical proficiency in person, or otherwise. Thank you in advance.