As long as I can remember I have always wanted to become a pharmacist and own my own pharmacy. I have always been drawn to chemistry and continue to be intrigued with how medicines can shape and ameliorate our lives. There are so many people who do not understand medicinal effects upon the body, and I enjoy helping them to make sense of what their doctors have prescribed. I view the profession of pharmacy as one that is centered on helping people, and I feel that earning a doctorate in pharmacology would better equip me to do that.
I am currently enrolled at the University of Memphis working on a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. I am a certified pharmacy technician and will become board certified in July. I have garnered a tremendous amount of experience as a pharm tech which further gives credence to my desire to continue my pursuit of the Pharm D title. By working as a pharm tech I have a healthy respect for the importance of the pharmacist’s job. Everything in a pharmacy from cleaning and maintaining the equipment to verifying drug labels and stock inventory has to be completed with precision. Robotic machines that label syringes, cassettes, and viaflex bags must be monitored for correctness.

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The maintenance of proper storage for drugs is inherently important for the pharmacist as is maintaining security for the drugs. A relationship with customers that fosters trust is crucial to the viability of the pharmacy. Most of the customers who have chronic conditions such as diabetes will have their prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy. This gives the pharmacist the ability to get to know his customers which, in turn, puts him in a unique position of being attuned to problems should they arise (i.e. insurance payments, contraindications of medicines, etc.)

I view the title of Doctor of Pharmacy with both awe and respect because this person has such an enormous job to perform. My certification, education and experience have given me the perspective I need to know unequivocally that I want to achieve this title.