Since coming to America, I have been impressed by the great number of rights available to individuals in this country. Despite great freedom to live as one desires, one should also realize that he is part of the community and should pay attention as to how his actions affect others. I understand people are not perfect but some changes require very little effort yet the positive impact on others may be huge.

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One of the changes I wish some people make is regarding their use of technology in classrooms. The role of technology is growing in classrooms and mostly it is a good thing because technology helps teachers improve their instruction such as use of videos and flash graphics to explain difficult concepts or putting lecture slides online. Similarly, students can also type faster on computer when taking notes and they have access to several information sources. Many instructors allow computers in classrooms but it is not always possible for them to monitor students’ activities. Some students use computer to browse sites that are not related to course material such as social media. They may also be chatting with friends while class is in session. Not only their behavior affects other students who may be sitting with them and trying to pay attention but this also means that students busy on computers may not be engaged with class discussions or ask questions that could benefit other students. Thus, I wish students do not take unnecessary advantage of technology because college is preparation for future career. In addition, students have responsibility to engage with class so that they fellow students also benefit.

Another thing I wish many people do is not to believe everything they see or hear in the media but instead take time to research and verify the accuracy of news they get. Many people choose convenience over facts and blindly believe what they want to believe. This is even true for educated people who should be wiser. This is why media is able to manipulate the masses and world peace is so difficult to achieve. I have seen this problem in other countries but when I see this problem in America, I am even more disappointed. America is the most powerful economic and military force in the world, thus, the actions of its people have greater impact on global peace than other less powerful countries. If Americans take time to verify what they hear and see, they will choose their leaders more wisely and could help the country not only avoid expensive political and military conflicts but will also improve America’s global image.

I also wish rich people all over the world leave most of their wealth to society and not their children. In my opinion, Bill Gates has set the perfect example for other rich people to follow. Our generation is blessed today because we are benefitting from the hard work of previous generations. If rich people leave all their money to children, their children will have less incentive to work. Even if their children work, their positive impact on the society cannot be greater than what thousands (if not more) together may achieve if the bulk of the wealth goes back to the society. If someone is born is rich wealthy, he is just lucky, thus, the fair thing to do is to give chance to go up the economic and social ladder to as many people as possible.

I also wish people don’t use cell phone at all while driving. No telephone call or SMS can be so important that they are worth putting yourself and others in danger on the road. If there is really an important phone call, one should park the car somewhere safe to take the call. Using cell phone while driving is one of those activities in which an individual should not think about himself as much as he should think about others. People have a right to be safe on the road and those who use cell phone put others in danger due to distracted driving. I am happy that some states have banned cell phone use while driving in the U.S. but there are still many states that have not taken action. But even if there are no laws, being responsible is always good thing. Being attentive to others means we understand our actions can have consequences for others.

I wish people stop engaging in bullying and I am not only talking about bullying in real life but also on the internet. I am especially concerned about bullying of high school students. Internet has many benefits but it can also be misused. Bullying has huge emotional costs for the victims but these costs may be even higher on the internet where information do not go away easily and more people have access to the information. Every time I hear someone has committed suicide due to bullying, I feel a pain inside me because life is precious. I believe adults have responsibility in this regard and if they think their child bullies others, they should discipline him instead of taking his side.

There is always room for people to improve but I am hopeful. When I read stories about 50 years ago or even before that, I realize the world we live in is much better. I am quite hopeful people will become better citizens of the society over time and it means taking care of others as well.