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Behavioral Psychology

Motives for Helping Behavior

The psychology of helping behavior is a topic that has received a great deal of scholarly scrutiny, and researchers are divided as to whether the motives for helping others are genetic or environmental. Scholars who fall within the “genetic” camp argue that individuals who have been born with the innate...

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Humanism vs. Behaviorism

In studying human personality and behaviors, researchers must choose from an array of theories through which to conduct their research. Scientists or researchers may opt for a humanistic approach, or they may select a behavioral approach, depending on the nature of the study. Both humanism and behaviorism possess similarities and...

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Behaviorism is an approach in paradigm psychology in which an individual’s behavior is shaped by the environment. People do not have free will. Much like the film, “Clockwork Orange,” classical, and operant conditioning are present, in which behavior is objectively and scientifically measured. The film however illustrates exaggerated and serious...

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Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative communication is human nonverbal communication. Including non-verbal and unwritten communication, this form of communication involves body language, eye contact, facial expressions, and a sender’s tone of voice. This paper describes demonstrative communication with focus on how it can be negative and positive for both sender and receiver as well...

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Causes of Technological Change in Applied Behavior Psychology

There are several causes of technological change in applied behaviour technology. The first one is the need to increase efficiency and lower costs in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Technology enhances and supports behavioural intervention programs. One of the most notable changes in recent years is the video chat or teleconferencing...

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