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Behavioral Psychology

Motives for Helping Behavior

The psychology of helping behavior is a topic that has received a great deal of scholarly scrutiny, and researchers are divided as to whether the motives for helping others are genetic or environmental. Scholars who fall within the “genetic” camp argue that individuals who have been born with the innate...

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Humanism vs. Behaviorism

In studying human personality and behaviors, researchers must choose from an array of theories through which to conduct their research. Scientists or researchers may opt for a humanistic approach, or they may select a behavioral approach, depending on the nature of the study. Both humanism and behaviorism possess similarities and...

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Behaviorism is an approach in paradigm psychology in which an individual’s behavior is shaped by the environment. People do not have free will. Much like the film, “Clockwork Orange,” classical, and operant conditioning are present, in which behavior is objectively and scientifically measured. The film however illustrates exaggerated and serious...

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Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative communication is human nonverbal communication. Including non-verbal and unwritten communication, this form of communication involves body language, eye contact, facial expressions, and a sender’s tone of voice. This paper describes demonstrative communication with focus on how it can be negative and positive for both sender and receiver as well...

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Causes of Technological Change in Applied Behavior Psychology

There are several causes of technological change in applied behaviour technology. The first one is the need to increase efficiency and lower costs in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Technology enhances and supports behavioural intervention programs. One of the most notable changes in recent years is the video chat or teleconferencing...

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Conflict Resolution: Understanding Human Behavior

The conflict selected for discussion is an ethnic conflict between the Israeli and Palestinians. This is a large scale conflict which stems from the ethnic identity issues. It is perpetuated by cognitive dissonance. To understand how cognitive dissonance makes it worse, let us focus first on the meaning of the...

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Factors Which Can Affect Consumer Behavior

It has been observed that there is a common trend in that the consumers can become affected by the environment and then makes a decision accordingly. Consumers have also been known to affect the environment and so marketers need to take into account the preferences of that particular consumer when...

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Emotionally Disturbed and Behaviorally Disordered Student

The teacher faces many difficult choices in the classroom. While attention to the individual student is essential, there is also an obligation to make certain that all learners in the classroom are afforded that opportunity. When a student is disruptive, it has an effect on the classroom dynamics and ultimately...

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Prosocial Behavior and Altruism

Prosocial behavior involves behavior that is both voluntary and intentional that benefits another or a group, and results from motivations that can be either positive, negative or both. Altruism may be viewed as a sub-set of prosocial behavior and while it too is voluntary and beneficial to others, altruism involves...

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Theories of Abnormal Behavior

Researchers argue over the root cause of abnormal behaviors. However, there may be several different perspectives from which to explain certain abnormal behaviors. Gaining a better understanding of one method might generalize to the ability to understand abnormal behaviors in a wider context. One psychological theory that offers insight into...

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Ethical Business Leadership: Tim Cook

Apple has a history of ethical business leaders. Tim Cook, who is currently operating in title as the CEO of the technology company Apple, isn’t concerned with simply making a profit, although technically the business mogul could do just that. Many entrepreneurs in the technology sector do concern their business...

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Corporate Ethical Codes: Effective Instruments for Influencing Behavior

The article discusses the origins of ethical codes in America as emerging from the corporate scandals and corruption cases which seemed to plague the country following Nixon’s resignation from the presidency. The author describes the general content of early ethical codes and how they were regarded as creeds or credos...

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My Father’s Behaviors

Our parents are very important in our lives. Parents play a crucial role in shaping our lives and destinies because they are our role models. They put a lot of influence and inspiration in our lives. Parents are a critical construct of our behaviors because from we interact with them...

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New Ways To Think And Learn: Changing Patterns And Behaviors

In order to define critical thinking, I would say that it reflects an objective exploration of an issue so as to present particular judgments at the end. Based on my understanding of critical thinking, I definitely believe that I need a change to build more consistent models of thinking and...

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Frightening Behavior

The case itself discusses an incident with a female employee, a woman who had been diagnosed as schizophrenic, who refused to continue to taking her prescribed medications, and who, as a result, ended up having a psychotic episode at work, one that was so severe that her coworkers felt threatened...

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Compare And Contrast McDonald’s and Hyundai

Many companies target outperforming others with regard to marketing of their products (Rivera, 2013: 59). Hyundai and McDonald’s are not exceptional. It is important to note that the two companies have emerged as best in their respective industries. In addition, they are multinational companies. However, they have managed to outperform...

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Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior in the Media

The media uses many different human behaviors to promote products, however each behavior might be in the ad for a very specific reason. For example, in 2011 Snickers released an ad campaign in which people- sometimes famous people- acted in an antisocial manner. In this ad both Joe Pesci and...

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Organizational Behavior Essay

Organizational behavior describes the cultural framework through which members of an organization interact with the organizational structures (Edgar, 2002). The study of organizational behavior is very essential for organizational administrators and managers because it assists in understanding, describing and controlling human behavior within an organization in order to suit the...

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How the Behavioral Risk Factor is Impacting My Community

Addressing behavioral risk factors is essential to health promotion efforts and the accomplishment of the Healthy People 2020 goals. One behavioral risk factor identified by Knickman and Covner (2015) is “Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Children 6 Years and Younger.” Currently, an estimated 27 percent of children within this age range...

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The following paper takes a close look at two therapeutic approaches: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT). Below, each of the therapeutical approaches are explored in greater depth. Importantly, CBT and REBT are compared in terms of their similarities and differences. Furthermore, I take a look...

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