Becoming a nurse and working in the field of nursing is very important to many doctors and hospitals, the fact that these nurses can help individuals get well and become better is something that can give others a drive to have a passion of becoming a nurse. There are many individuals who rely on nurses to help them get better and make them feel comfortable. As a nurse, you have to give medications, give treatments, and take any notes explaining and detailing any abnormalities or changes in an individuals’ body so that doctors and nurses can do what is needed to help the individual. Despite what individuals may think about the difficulties of a nurse, these nurses play a very integral part of an individual in helping them get better or improving their health.

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Firstly, ever since my mother got sick and ended up staying in the hospital for three months, she later died in the hospital, that was eight years ago and when I decided I wanted to be a nurse. I felt that if my mother had gotten the proper care and treatment that she would not have died. I feel that if I became a nurse, I could be certain that every individual who was sick that I came in contact with would get the proper care, treatment, and medications, and that I know I can do my best to make sure these individuals are taken care of properly.

Secondly, I graduated from a community college and am in the process of hoping to find a university to complete my Bachelor of Science in nursing. I have learned a lot in the community college. When it comes to nursing, I have a wide-range of knowledge on everything that has to do with being a nurse such as procedures, how to administer medications and treatments, and how to handle issues that may arise in the process of administering medications or treatments as well as what needs to be done if the individual gets sick or becomes ill. This is why I am hoping to find a university where I can complete my Bachelor of Science in nursing in hopes of giving the proper care, treatment, and medications to these individuals.

Thirdly, I am working in the field. My job consists of giving medication at an assistant living facility and my job description is a Certified Medication Aid. I give my all with this job because as stated previously, I feel that if I am helping these people then I am being successful in trying to get the individuals back on their feet and doing everything in my power to help these individuals get the proper treatment and care. I also feel these individuals are looking to us to help make them better and avoid any major illnesses or worse. I have been gaining both professional and life experience in this field while also learning from the individuals I care for.

Fourthly, another aspect of my job description is writing reports on my findings and any changes that take place with the individuals that I am caring for as well as changes in their body from the treatments or medications I administer to them. If there were no reports or changes then I nor other nurses would not know what to do and how to handle the change in the individuals’ body. That is why it is extremely important to keep things monitored and take notes as necessary relating to the individual I am caring for.

Being a nurse is not like other professions, someone had to have empathy, has to be passionate, sympathetic to these individuals, and a caring individual. The biggest reason I have in hopes of getting into nursing school aside from when my mother died eight years ago, is because I am a driven individual and have a desire and passion to help other individuals and try to avoid these individuals that may not be getting the proper care or treatment. I have a passion for helping people and being successful in the field of nursing and the desire and accomplishment of knowing and feeling like I am a part of something bigger than me and that I have the drive to be successful and help these individuals.