When you think of Being An Ambassador, you think of a government official who is going to another country as a representative of their own country. You think of them as being diplomatic in their approaches with people who are from a different culture, and having them learn from each other in order to foster a mutual respect. A good ambassador is one who is loyal, a mediator and negotiator,, someone who enjoys cultural diversity, an effective communicator and who integrates well.

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But one can be an ambassador, and not be a government official. One can be an ambassador in life, learning from other people and their backgrounds and representing others. I would like to be an ambassador, representing Gulf Coast Middle School on the trip, “The Last Days of Summer”. I would like to be like my friend, Hail, who was lucky enough to go on this trip. Hail is the epitome of those good qualities I listed. She is a good friend who is always available to make time for others, to listen to them when they have problems and gets along with other people. I feel that I have the same qualities as she does. I would like to meet new students, to form friendship bonds, to learn school rules, and form trust and reliance.

Going to a new grade level has its challenges. There is learning new routines, meeting new teachers, and adjusting to having more homework. As an ambassador, I feel that I would be able to help other students during this tough transition time, and maybe, I’d even be able to learn from them. I am friendly, polite, and eager to help others. I hope by going to this camp, I will be able to be more prepared to represent my school and help others.