The terms rich and famous are two things that typically go hand-in-hand. Separating them is not something one would normally consider. However, in the event you had to choose one, it becomes far more difficult. Would you rather have the fame or have the fortune? They both come with their own positives and negatives. It then becomes a question of popularity versus the ability to buy virtually anything you want. Having to choose one or the other, my personal choice would be money because would provide far more opportunities than the fame could award.
The idea of being famous is a fantasy for many individuals. Being recognized everywhere you go, getting the best seats in the restaurant, and all the perks that come with the notoriety. But when you think about it, much of the admiration that comes with the celebrities is what their wealth affords. They have the hottest and latest clothes, the most modern cars, and the million dollar homes. Taking that out of the equation, would being famous be as appealing? Being followed around all the time by paparazzi, being mauled every time you go in public, and never having an ounce of privacy again is not really a price tag one would pay void of the money involved. Makes being famous much less desirable.

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On the other hand is the consideration of being rich. Whether the desire is selfish or more focused on what could be done for others, money opens many doors. If you think about it, when you have money you can still afford the best seats in the house, the fancy cars, and elaborate houses. So what is missing from being rich and famous? The fact that you can still have your privacy and not be followed around and still have all the luxuries. Being a role model and popular is appealing, but not as appealing as having the financial means to be able to do and get anything your little heart desires.

Being rich does not have to be all about the fancy cars and mansions on the top of the hill. It can provide opportunities to do so many different things. You can travel to third world countries and aid in feeding malnourished children. You can invest in scientific research that will someday find the cure for cancer. You can feed the homeless, finance hospitals, and so many other things. The possibilities are endless if you are rich. You have the opportunity to make a difference, something that a moderate income individual may never be privy too. This is far better than being famous. Money can sometimes change a person. So being involved would provide a way that would keep the money from being in control and from losing my own morals.

Having to choose one or the other, my personal choice would be money because would provide far more opportunities than the fame could award. Being able to buy virtually anything one desires and never stressing about finances is a very appealing thought. There is still responsibilities and obligations that comes with being rich, just like with being famous. Personally, I feel that being rich has less negatives potential than being famous has. With wealth comes responsibility, so this decision could not be made without considering the pros and cons of each. But having to separate being rich or being famous, no matter how cool it would be to be a celebrity, being rich would be the better option personally.