Most Appealing BenefitsThe most appealing benefit, in my opinion, is flexibility. While I want my career to make up a certain portion of my life, I don’t want it to be the only portion. Being able to take work home instead of going to work from time to time, or being able to take paid vacations are essential to having that life outside of work. I also feel retirement and healthcare insurance are important, as they mitigate risk that would prevent my ability to have that freedom.

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Accurate Portrayal
I believe these articles accurately portray millennials, as we’ve all heard stories of others who have not saved or have had catastrophic injury not being able to work, and their personal lives have suffered as a result. It seems like a simple remedy to protect yourself, although it must not have always seemed such an obvious remedy. If we have health insurance, automatically invest in our retirement and have time for a vacation occasionally, there is nothing major to worry about.
Creating a Benefits Package to Serve All
If I was a manager and had to create a benefit package in a multi-generational company, I’d start with a base package of essentials that fit the basic needs of every employee. The package would include healthcare and disability insurance with a modest life insurance policy, but it would also include options where an employee could opt-in to more insurance benefits, matching 401k plans, flex plans, and life insurance, assuming the company was large enough to qualify for these options. More importantly, I would include an opt-out choice for those who feel they can invest in better protections through other means. The argument of health savings plans and better returns on investments is often valid. Opting out of healthcare insurance would only be an option if other investments were protecting my employee.