Students always face various dilemmas in the choices they make throughout their stay in university. This is because there are various aspects of university life that require consideration and decision making. One of the most common situations that require making of choices includes whether living in the dorm in solitude or living with a roommate. In this situation, living in solitude is associated with various benefits. These include privacy, peace, personal freedom and full control of living space. On the other hand, some students make preferences for cooking for themselves as opposed to using the university dining facilities. This is because an individual is able to have full control of the cooking process and thus facilitating personal quality standards.
Living in alone in the dorm has various benefits. However, living with a roommate also has various positive attributes. Some of the benefits include the socialization opportunities and availability of various forms of assistance. This assistance can be of academic and non-academic affairs. A roommate can be on both extremes of undeniable duality. This is because he can either be of great help in various perspectives, or he can be a total nuisance and hindrance to various academic and non-academic progressions. Therefore, staying alone in a room presents good opportunities to an individual. This is because this can present an individual with the opportunity to socialize. At the same time, an individual is able to stay in solitude when there is need. For instance, when an individual wants to study for exams, it is important that he avoids all sorts of disturbance. Moreover, living in solitude assists an individual to have high levels of flexibility and independence. This also enhances the levels of responsibility because most of the decisions are made regarding personal considerations.

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Food is one of the basic needs in human life. For students, correct nutrition is very crucial towards enhancing the mental capabilities. This can lead to improvement in the studying and knowledge acquisition process. Students who cook for themselves consume a lot of time in the food preparation process. However, these students are able to exclusively oversee and control the cooking process. Using the food outlet facilities that are available in the university can assist in saving a lot of time and thus providing more time for other activities. This is very difficult because healthy both healthy food and time are very essential resources for students. However, most universities adopt the use of healthy foodstuffs in their food outlets. Some of the foods that are available include fruits, vegetables and dairy products. This assist in reducing the amount of time that is consumed in preparing half-fabricated, fried or carbide plenty food. Considering the fact that obesity is one of the challenges facing university students in the United States, it is important that an individual cooks his own food and take diet into consideration. This is because good health is worth investment of sufficient time and resources.

Therefore, it is evident that most issues in university are controversial. This is because most of them present dilemmas that make it very difficult to make decisions. Therefore, an individual has to critically analyze situations and make decisions that favor his personal preferences. In conclusion, students should consider staying in solitude so as to have more privacy and high levels of flexibility in the decisions made. On the other hand, when a student cooks for himself he has the advantage of acquiring healthy food that can improve the quality of life.