The article talks about a letter written by a father to his son in which the author revealed his disappointment over the empathy that people with privileges in United States of America tries to show towards debilitate when in reality they are omnipotent and can actually change the fate of hundreds and thousands of their fellow Americans.

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The letter was written in dismay as he finds no reconciliation in two sides of the society. What disappoints the author more is the fact that no one is willing to actually look and change the course of fate as they all are living a dream and thinking it a reality. The author was explicit in making the claim that Americans that considers themselves as white have no consensus in dealing the people of Black minority and they seldom think about them.

The author makes a further claim that American democratic system is too fragile to make any arrangements for the minorities. It is hard for people to actually look into the needs and this is because of the American history from which the mindset has not got changed now. The people are still seeing the same picture as they were in the past.

The author further makes a claim that promises made by the leaders to the public were malicious. Though there is no evidence presented by the author. But he claims that the examples from today’s outlook of the American society reveals a lot about the promises and what they actually meant.

The author further asks his son to accept the fate that this country is meant to treat his minority in the same way it has been treated for decades and centuries. There is no need to fell for dreams even when they are presented in a beautiful way. He thinks the minority should accept that they are meant to give not to receive.